Eurostar Connections In Lille

Lille Europe is an enormous station so we thought a guide to making the connections there between Eurostars and other trains would be useful.

Particularly as making the connection between Eurostar trains and TGV trains on to other destinations in France is much simpler in Lille compared to travelling via Paris.

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Eurostar connections at Lille Europe

Three good reasons for making connections from and to Eurostar trains in Lille:

(1) You can often avoid having to make the transfer between the Gare Du Nord and Gare De Lyon in Paris

Connections are available at Lille Europe between Eurostar and TGV trains when travelling by train between Britain and a swathe of French destinations served by trains to/from the Gare de Lyon -  including; Avignon*, Beziérs, Lyon*, Marseille*, Montpellier,  Nimes and Valence.
*also served by Eurostar direct on certain dates only.

(2) You can also avoid the particularly awkward transfer in Paris between the Gare Du Nord and the Gare Montparnasse.

Connections are also available in Lille between Eurostar and TGV trains when travelling between Britain and a swathe of other French destinations served by trains from Paris Montparnasse, including the likes of Angoulême, Bordeaux, Nantes, Poitiers, Rennes and St Pierre-des-corps/Tours 

Some of these connections in Lille involve making a transfer between Lille Europe and Lille Flandres stations, but this is still comparatively simple compared to any cross-Paris connection.

(3) You can also avoid having to make the transfer between the Gare Du Nord and Gare De L'Est when travelling by train between London and Strasbourg.


The Eurostar will arrive at voie (platform/track) 46 -  there are only 4 voies/platforms/tracks at Lille Europe station.

Many (but not all) of the onward connections will depart from the adjacent voie (platform/track) 44, but the details of the TGV on from Lille won't be confirmed until around 15 mins before departure.
So unless the Eurostar has arrived late and you have a tightly timed connection, you will have to take the following usual steps.

( Step 1) Ascend up to the concourse, which is above the trains.

By the front end of the train - there will be an escalator, stairs AND an elevator, which give access to the concourse above the trains
Towards the rear of the train there will be stairs and an escalator which lead up to the concourse.

However, in the middle of the voie (platform/track) stairs are the only means of heading upwards from the trains - so take your time and work out what your options are - the ascenceur/elevator is signposted.

(Step 2) When you're at the concourse level check the blue departure screens - which will look these pictured below.

At Lille Europe they MAY also indicate that you should wait in a specific departure hall (usually Hall 2), for the details of the specific voie (platform/track) that you're onward train will be leaving from, to be confirmed.

The concourse at Lille Europe is enormous, so follow the signs to Hall 2* (the concourse is divided into FOUR separate halls) and wait there for your onward connection.
*The staircases in the middle of the voie (platform/track) lead directly up into Halls 2 or 3.

Hall 2 is also where the main waiting room and restaurant are located.
Though It doesn't particularly matter in which part of the station you wait for your onward train - as will be seen below, if you want to use the elevators to head back down when your train departure is confirmed, the better option is to wait in Hall 3.

(Step 3) You will need to wait where you can keep an eye on the departure screens as any announcements re: the departure of your onward train will only be made in French.

Look out for when the voie (platform/track) number appears on these screens in the right-hand column.
The number of the voie, that a train will be leaving from, doesn't usually appear on the departure screens until around 10 - 20 mins before departure.

(Step 4) Two TGV trains are often joined together for departures from Lille Europe, each train will be heading to a different final destination and will have separate train numbers - the train number will be on your ticket.
So don't be surprised if it looks as though two different trains are departing at the same time.

If you can't see your final destination on the departure screens, match the train number on your ticket to the train number on the screen - the info screens down on the voie (platform/track) will also list all the calling points.

(Step 5) There will usually be a rush to head for the voie (platform/track) as soon as it is confirmed, but take your time as your seat on the TGV will be reserved.

The voies (platforms/tracks) at Lille Europe are arranged in two pairs, 43-45 on one side of the halls and 44-46 on the other.

However, the access to each of these two pairs of voies (platforms/tracks) is very different.
The nearest access point to the voies (platform/track) may not be the optimum route to take, so you don't have to follow the crowd.

Also if you want to use the elevators to access the trains, then it's best to wait in Hall 3 for the departure details of the train to be confirmed - as will be seen below, there is no elevator access to the voies/trains in Halls 1 and 2.

If you take the elevator, you may then have to move along the length of the long voies (platforms/tracks) in order to access the coach/car on the train, in which your reserved seat(s) is located - but this can be a small price to pay if you don't want to use the escalators or stairs.

To voies (platforms/tracks) 43 and 45:

These can be accessed by sets of stairs and escalators in Halls 1, 2, and 3 - though some of the escalators can be switched, so they don't lead down to the trains
There is also elevator access in Hall 3.

To voies (platforms/tracks) 44 and 46:

The access points to these voies are less obvious.

From Hall 1 they can be accessed by stairs and escalators, though the escalator can be switched so that it's not leading down to the trains.
The only access down to voies (platforms/tracks) 44 and 46 from Hall 2 is by stairs - and the only access from Hall 3 is by elevator.

At the end of Hall 4, on the other side to Eurostar check-in, there are stairs, an elevator AND an escalator - but the escalator can be switched so that it's not leading down to the trains.

The key thing to be aware of is that you don't have to use the stairs, there will be alternatives.

(Step 6) When you descend to the voie that your train will be departing from, look at the electronic screens to find out where the specific coach you will be travelling in will be located.
On your ticket the coach number is the 'VOITURE' number.

The voie (platform/track) will be divided into zones/répéres
Screens which look similar to this

show the zone/répére in which each coach of the train will be located  - the coaches/voitures are the numbers, the zones/répéres are the letters.

You will also see other screens which look like this.

The red light indicates your location on the voie (platform/track) so you can see whether you need to go left or right to find your coach.

Most of the departures on from Lille will be formed of two TGV trains - one will be commencing its journey in Lille and the other will arrive from Bruxelles and be attached to the train commencing its journey at Lille.
So don't be surprised if you can see a train at the voie (platform/track) but the zone/répére info is telling you to wait where there is no train.