A view of the tracks/spor at København H station

København H /Copenhagen H (København / Copenhagen)

The ShowMeTheJourney guide to Copenhagen's main train station, København H, points out what to look out for when departing and arriving from here by train.
It also explains how travel on to the city centre, the tourist attractions and Kastrup Airport - as well as featuring details of the most highly rated places to stay near København H.


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The beautiful main entrance hall at København H station The beautiful main entrance hall at København H station
København H can resemble a large church, both inside and out København H can resemble a large church, both inside and out
Looking towards the escalators that lead down to the tracks/spor Looking towards the escalators that lead down to the tracks/spor
The main Departure screen on the concourse (the screen on the left) The main Departure screen on the concourse (the screen on the left)
An IC train waits to depart from København H station An IC train waits to depart from København H station
These escalators on the spor lead down from the concourse, those which lead up are behind them These escalators on the spor lead down from the concourse, those which lead up are behind them

Many historic stations in Europe, are compared to cathedrals, partially because when they built they were the only challengers to the cathedral's status as the city's largest building.
Use København H station in the evening and this comparison is fully realised, due to the soft lighting and somewhat hushed atmosphere.

Good to know:

Seven things worth knowing about Copenhagen's main station:

(1) København H is located on the western edge of København/Copenhagen city centre.

Norreport station is actually closer to the city centre.
So it's worth checking the location of the your final destination in the city before you book tickets.
Many trains to København/Copenhagen travel beyond København H station to call at Norreport.

(2) Those trains which call at Norreport also terminate or call at Østerport Station - the closest station to the statue of The Little Mermaid.

(3) When departing from København/Copenhagen to the east, south and west by train, if you haven't reserved it can be a good idea to join a train at Norreport station instead.
Most of the spare seats can be taken by the time a train arrives at København H, though the Lyn express services only use København H.

If you need to buy a ticket last minute at the station head to København H as it has staffed ticket counters.

(4) The station concourse at København H bridges the spor (platforms/tracks) that the trains depart from - which are at a lower level and are accessed by escalators and lifts/elevators.

(5) The entrance/exit to København H station on the road named Bernstorffgade, is across the street from The Tivoli Gardens.

(6) At the other end of the concourse is the entrance/exit on to the street named Reventlowsgade - which gives easy access to many of the nearest hotels to the station.
The new København H metro station is also located here.

However the Reventlowsgade entrance/exit is at a different level to the main concourse, - but there is an elevator available if you have luggage etc.

(7) The left luggage office is also located by the Reventlowsgade entrance/exit.

Departing by train:

Finding your train at København H can be challenging if you're not used to using the station, so aim to be there a minimum of 7 minutes before your train departs.
København H is a relatively compact station, therefore from the main concourse, it only takes a minute to access the track/spor that your train will be departing from.
However, you need to know which in direction to head in, but it’s working that out which can be slightly tricky for first time users.

Using the departure information on the main concourse:

København H station does not have a large departure board dominating its main concourse.
Instead the concourse houses an easy to miss (if you don’t where to look) oblong departure monitor - it looks similar to the departure boards that are scattered around airport terminals.

It is located on the wall in the middle of the concourse, between the escalators that lead down to spors/tracks 6 and 7.
It lists the spor/platform numbers for the Departures/Afgangs that will be leaving within the subsequent 90 minutes (ish), but not the local S-Tog trains.
It also doesn’t indicate whether express trains are IC trains or Lyn trains.

For many departures it only shows the final destination - and for other departures only the main calling points are shown.
There aren’t any train numbers to help identify a train; so being aware of the final destination of your train is a big help, if you will actually be heading to one of the intermediate stations, which a train will be calling at during its journey.

The trains that have a final destination of Goteborg, Karlskrona and Kalmar, also all call at Malmo and Lund.
If you are heading to Malmo, look for trains that are CALLING at ‘Malmo C; Malmo is not normally a final destination of trains from Købehhavn H,

The station at Copenhagen AIRPORT is listed as ‘CPH Lufthavn/CPH Airport’ if the train is terminating there, but ‘CPH Lufthavn’ is used if a train is calling at the airport; when on route to Goteborg, Karlskrona or Kalmar.

Accessing the trains:

You don’t have to use the escalators to access the spors/platforms - there are lifts/elevators on the main concourse - each of which leads directly down to a specific seat of spors (platforms/tracks)
If you are looking at the main departure monitor, the lifts will be behind you.

The majority of long distance trains from Copenhagen don’t commence their journeys at København H station.
Therefore they tend to arrive at the platform/spor only a few mins before departure.

The platforms/spor are zoned - but not in a way that tells you to where to wait on the spor/platform for easy access into a specific coach, or into First Class.
Instead the zone (vogn) info shows which part of the spor (platform/track) the train will occupy when it calls at København H.
It's useful to be aware of this, because you can avoid having to dash along the platform, in order to board a train when it arrives in the station.

The platforms/spor at København H tend to be longer than the trains - some long distance trains can only have three coaches/cars.
The zones (vogns) that the next departure will use, are shown on the electronic indicators - which can be found on each track/spor.

Checking the next departure information:

As the majority of trains don’t commence their journeys at Købehhavn H, many platforms/spors have multiple departures per hour
Therefore the next train to arrive may not be the train that you will be taking.

So keep an eye on the departure monitors that are specific to each platform/spor – they will display the details of the next departure.
Take particular care if you’re heading to the likes of Malmo, Lund, Odense, Lubeck and other locations, which aren’t generally the final destinations of trains from København H.
On these platform departure monitors, look out for the destinations in the smaller text, beneath the final calling point.

Taking a Snabbtag train to Sweden:

If you will be taking a Snabbtag train to Sweden be at København H at least 20 mins before you train is due to depart.
For the time being these trains depart from track/spor 26 at København H - which is some distance from the main concourse as it is located at the far end of track/spor 4-5.

When you’re on spor/track 4-5, there are signs on the ground informing you that spor 26 is a 15 min walk away.
However, at a brisk pace it is less than a 5 min walk, but the signs are encouraging travellers to hurry.

The trains will aim to depart punctually - they don’t as a rule hang back for another 10 mins to give everyone time to make the transfer from the main concourse.

Arriving by train:

There is only route for exiting the station, when you step on to the platform/tracks (spors) at København H train station

You need to use the escalators or lifts/elevators up to the main concourse, which are located at the (north) end of the tracks/spor that most trains will arrive at.
If you're arriving from the south or west, they will be by the front of the train.

The lifts/elevators are hidden out of sight behind the escalators, find them at the very far ends of each spor (track/platform).

The three exits:

Then when you have ascended up to the main concourse there are three main exits which can be used from there, so having an idea of the direction you'll need to take before you arrive at København H by train, is recommended.

(1) What looks like the main exit will be straight ahead, it's in the middle of the station on the opposite side of the concourse to the escalators that lead up from spors (platform/tracks 4 -9).
However, you will likely use one of the other two exits, because this main exit doesn't lead to the buses, Metro, or taxis.

(2) Over to the right of the main concourse is the Bernstorffgade exit, which is across the street from The Tivoli Gardens.
It is where the taxi rank is located and most of the local buses which serve the station also depart from here - but not the main city centre bus link.

(3) At the opposite, left hand side of the course is the exit on to the street named Reventlowsgade.
The main entrance to the new metro station at København H is located at this side of the station.

For the number 14 bus to the heart of the city, take this exit and turn right when you're at street level.
Bus line 14 has a stop on Norregade by the cathedral and another stop by Strøget - the main shopping street in the city centre.

The main access from the concourse to Reventlowsgade is by a short staircase, which also leads down to the left-luggage office, but an elevator is also available.

Changing trains:

If you will be changing trains at København H train station, you don’t have to use the main concourse.
The quickest option is to use the passage that runs beneath the tracks instead - which is accessed by escalators.

Check the departure summary screens on the track/spor that your train will have arrived at, to find out where your subsequent train will be leaving from.
The S-tog trains to central Copenhagen (Norreport station) will depart from tracks/spor 9 or 10.

Using this subway beneath the tracks can also save more than 5 mins if you are connecting into a Snabbtag train to Swed

To the city centre and tourist sites:

København H station is located towards the western edge of Copenhagen city centre, so aside from the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, which is located across the street from the station's main exit, most of the city's main attractions are some distance from København H.

However, accessing other areas in central Copenhagen from København H station is straightforward.
Most of the mainline trains also call at stations closer to the heart of the city and now the capital's main station also has a brand new link to the Copenhagen Metro.

By train:

It’s worth checking the location of your final destination in the city before opting to leave trains at København H station.
Many long distance trains to and from København/Copenhagen also call at the city’s other main stations - Norreport and Osterport.

And if you arrive at København H station on a train which doesn't call at those stations, you can transfer to the local S-Tog trains, which depart every five minutes - take any S-Tog (red) train from spor/tracks 9 - 10.

Norreport station is located by Copenhagen’s main shopping streets, the university and the National Gallery Of Denmark.

The statue of the Little Mermaid is a 5 min walk from Osterport station.

By metro:

København H station is now linked to the Copenhagen Metro, thanks to the opening of new line M3, which is also known as the 'Cityringen'.
(Note that line M4 is yet to open).
The M3 line now provides a direct link between Copenhagen's main station and Kongens Nytorv metro station, which is a five minute walk from the popular Nyhavn area.

The M3 line also has a new metro station, Gammel Strand, which is located by the island named Slotsholmen, home of the Christiansborg Palace and multiple other museums.
Another new station called Marmokirchen lives up to its name with a location adjacent to the Marble Church - which is also known as Frederiks Kirke.

By bus:

Line/Route 14 is the only one of the City Bus lines, which runs through the very centre of Copenhagen.
It has stops on Nytorv in the heart of the city's shopping district.
It also stops by the National Museum of Denmark - the Nationalmuseet.

At Kobenhavn H station you can find this bus by using the Reventlowsgade exit from station and then turning to the right when you reach the street.

Quality Hotels/Hotels With Easy Access to Kobenhavn H station

If you want a quality hotel or hostel with easy access to Koebenhavn H/Copenhagen Central station, then you won’t be spoilt for choice – though the situation will improve once the station is connected to the Copenhagen Metro.

There’s a clutch of hotels and hostels in the streets immediately to the west of Copenhagen Central station -  but comparatively few of these have guest satisfaction ratings above 80%, so choose carefully.

There are few highly rated bargain rooms to be found anywhere in the city centre -  so finding one cheap enough, to justify the hassle of making a connection into a local S-Tog train, is a considerable challenge.

If you do find a room at a bargain rate anywhere in the city centre, then Copenhagen is a city where jumping into a taxi to/from a hotel can pay off.

Accommodation within a 10 min walk of København H station:

Nimb Hotel

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Mid Range:
Andersen Boutique Hotel

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel

Best Western Hotel Hebron

Hotel Tiffany


Urban House

Annex Hostel (inside the Absalon Hotel)

Accommodation within a 20 min walk of København H station:

Danhostel Copenhagen City (as featured in this guide to Europe's best hostels with easy access to stations).

St Christopher's Inn Downtown Copenhagen Hostel (the Paris location is featured in this guide to Europe's best hostels with easy access to stations).

Money saving options with direct public transport links to/from Koebenhavn H/Copenhagen Central station:

Engelsted Guesthouse (10 mins walk from Ryparken station, served by S-tog trains on lines B and H towards Farum)

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport (take trains to Kastrup station)

Generator Hostel (take trains to Norreport)

Or if you're taking a Eurail or InterRail itinerary it's likely that you will save money if you stay in Malmo and take trains to and from Copenhagen.

To/From Kastrup Airport by train

By metro:

Because København H station is located on the south east corner of the city centre, the most convenient rail link between the city and Kastrup Airport is usually to take the Copenhagen Metro and not the mainline trains.
The yellow line terminates at Lufthavnen station which is located within the airport.

By mainline train:

The airport is served by a mainline train station named Koebenhavns Lufthavn st.
During the day there are 6 x trains per hour between this station and København H station and the journey only takes 14 mins.
These six trains also call at Norreport and Osterport stations, which are located on the eastern edge of the city centre.

When heading TO the airport look out for trains terminating at Koebenhavns Lufthavn st, as well as Karlskrona, Kalmar and Goteborg - some trains travel beyond the airport to towns in Sweden.

When heading TO the city take the trains heading to Helsingoer and Nivaa.

To and from other destinations:

Kastrup Aiport is also served by direct trains to/from other cities and towns in both Denmark and Sweden.

  • 3 x trains per hour travel between Koebenhavns Lufthavn st. and Nivaa calling at stations between there and central Koebenhavn/Copenhagen.
  • 3 x trains per hour travel between Koebenhavns Lufthavn st. and both Malmo and Lund.
    Each of these train services travels beyond Lund, thereby providing an hourly train service between Kastrup Airport and (1) Goteborg via Helsingborg, (2) Kalmar and (3) Karlskrona.
  • During the day an hourly express service of [Lyn trains](/travel-on/train/16-lyn-denmark/ provides a direct link between Kastrup Airport and Odense, Frederica, Aarhus and Aalborg.
  • 4 - 6 x Swedish Snabbtag trains per day connect Kastrup with Stockholm and these trains also call at Norrkoping, Linkoping, Nassjo and Hasselholm.
    Book tickets for journeys by these Snabbtag trains on the SJ website.

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