København / Copenhagen to Lund by train



From København H /Copenhagen H to Lund C

Journey Summary

Travel Information

Final destination: Göteborg, Kalmar; Karlskrona (or Alvesta)

Departing from Kobenhavn/Copenhagen:

These trains call at Østerport and Nørreport stations before they depart from København H station.

If you will be heading to Lund from central Kobenhavn/Copenhagen or stations on the Kobenhaven Metro - including Kongens Nytorv (the closest station to Nyhavn) - the quickest and easiest option is to board these trains at Norreport.

Osterport station is a few minutes walk from statue of The Little Mermaid.

At peak times these trains can be very busy so finding seats available in 2nd class is not guaranteed if you board at København H station.

3 x trains per hour


Danish national rail operator DSB does not sell tickets for this journey by Oresundtag trains* online and it can't be looked up on DSB.

Tickets can be purchased on the SJ (Swedish trains) website* - or they can be purchased from DSB ticket machines, or ticket offices and at 7-Eleven stores in central Copenhagen.
*prices will be in Swedish and not Danish krona.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
SJ *

SJ Guide

SJ is the national rail operator in Sweden, so journeys within Sweden can be booked online on its relatively simple to use ticketing service, which is convenient, as there are significant savings to be made on long-distance express journeys.
SJ now also sells tickets for journeys by Snalltaget trains, but not the Flix and MTR services which compete with SJ on the Stockholm to Gothenburg route.

SJ also sells tickets for journeys by train between Sweden and both Denmark and Norway.

On this journey

Journey Features

Coastal views

Good to Know

Lund C station may not be included on the departure screens at København H station so look for the trains heading to the destinations above.

Trains calling at Malmo C will also be calling at Lund; but don't board the Snaabtag trains, your ticket to Lund won't be valid on those.

Between the tunnel and bridge on the Oresund Line Between the tunnel and bridge on the Oresund Line
Looking out to sea from the Oresund Bridge Looking out to sea from the Oresund Bridge

The train will travel between Denmark and Sweden on the Oresund Line.

After departure from CPH Lufthavn the train will enter a tunnel and then emerge on to a man-made island from which it will ascend on to The Oresund Bridge.

The train will spend around 3 - 4 mins travelling across the bridge.

However, don't expect spectacular views from the bridge; though travelling across it will be a thrill for engineering fans.

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