Stockholm to København / Copenhagen by train

How to take the rail journey from Copenhagen / København to Stockholm

Take the straightforward journey by train between the Swedish and Danish capitals and you'll have a charming experience



From Stockholm Central/Stockholm C to København H /Copenhagen H

Travel Information

Final Destination: Köpenhamn (the Swedish spelling of Copenhagen)

All trains also call at: Lund, Malmö, Koebenhavn Lufthavn st (Copenhagen Airport)

6 x trains per day


Book early and save: Yes

Online bookings usually open: around 6 months ahead

Try to book for a date too far ahead and ‘Not Available' will be displayed.

It won't mean that the train has sold out, instead you'll have to check back a couple of days later to see if the tickets have been released for sale

Booking Notes for this journey:

  • Booking ahead for these trains is strongly recommended irrespective if you want to travel 1st or 2nd class - seats can sell out days ahead on the most popular departures.
    If tickets are sold out book a Stockholm - Malmo journey and seperate tickets for the Malmo to Köpenhamn/Kobenhavn journey  - there will be 3 x trains per hour on from Malmo to the Danish capital.
  • If you can be flexible with departure and arrival times, search through the day's trains to see which have the cheapest fares; trains leaving earlier/later on the same day MAY be 3 x cheaper than other departures.
  • Reservations are complimentary - seats will automatically be assigned when booking TICKETS for this journey.

Rail Pass Users:

Rail pass users will need to be pay a reservation fee prior to boarding, the instructions for how to do this are available here - you won't be charged a booking fee.

Booking these reservations online before you arrive in Sweden is highly recommended.

Or you can avoid paying the fee when using Eurail and Interrail passes by taking this alternative route.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
SJ from 195 kr

SJ Guide

SJ is the national rail operator in Sweden, so journeys within Sweden can be booked online on its relatively simple to use ticketing service, which is convenient, as there are significant savings to be made on long-distance express journeys.
SJ now also sells tickets for journeys by Snalltaget trains, but not the Flix and MTR services which compete with SJ on the Stockholm to Gothenburg route.

SJ also sells tickets for journeys by train between Sweden and both Denmark and Norway.

On this journey

Good to Know

Note that Köpenhamn and not Copenhagen will be used on the electronic train indicators at Stockholm C station.

These Snabbtåg trains to Köpenhamn normally depart from spår/track/platform 11 or 12 at Stockholm C station - the trains will pull into the station from the servicing depot around 5 mins before departure.
If you're not sure where to wait on the platform, to board the train by the door that’s closest to your reserved seat -  there is usually an SJ staff member on the platform who guides passengers and answers questions.

Connecting to Germany:

The Berlin Night Express is departing from Stockholm C daily at 16:15 and travelling to Berlin via Hamburg (it doesn't serve central Kobenhavn/Copenhagen).
And this overnight connection will be particularly welcome, as the daytime connections in Kobenhavn/Copenhagen when taking the train from Stockholm to Hamburg aren't the best.

Until June 17th and from August 22nd

The train which typically departs Stockholm C at 10:22 is due into Kobenhavn H station only 2 mins before the usual final train of the day on to Hamburg will be departing, so the only typically available daytime option is to take the train which departs Stockholm at 08:21 and then wait it out for nearly two hours in order to take the 15:26 departure.

June 18th to August 21st:

The connections in high summer are more convenient.
The train which typically departs Stockholm at 07:20 has a 53 min connection in Kobenhavn into the 13:17 train on to Hamburg.
That 10:22 train from Stockholm has a 1hr 54 min connection into the train on to Hamburg that will be departing Kobenhavn at 17:17.

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