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Torino / Turin, (Italy)

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About the station

Turin/Torino has two main train stations, Torino Porta Nuova (this station) and Torino Porta Susa.

The train services from each station:

The train services to and from the city which only arrive at and depart from Torino Porta Nuova station are:

(i) Frecciabianca and Intercity trains towards Pisa, Livorno and Roma via this route

(iii) All trains towards Genova, Savona, San Remo and Ventimiglia

(iv) The Regionale trains to Bardonecchia


The train services to and from the city which only arrive at and depart from Torino Porta Susa station are:

(i) the TGV-France Italy trains to/from Lyon and Paris


Train sevices which call at both Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations are:

(i) The Frecce and Italo high speed trains to and from Milano, Bari, Bologna, Firenze/Florence, Roma, Napoli, Verona and Venezia/Venice.

(ii) Regional trains to and from Aosta, Novara and Milano.

These trains to Torino / Turin that serve both of the main city centre stations will call at Porta Susa before arriving at Porta Nuova.
If you’ll be travelling on such a train and heading for the city centre, it’s likely that you will have a faster overall journey if you leave the train at Porta Susa.

Porta Nuova and Porta Susa are on the same Metro line and both stations are also served by tram routes which penetrate the historic heart of Torino.

An Introduction to Porta Nuova Station:

The stunning main building at Porta Nuova has recently been restored and provides a magnificent gateway to the trains.

Porta Nuova is a terminus station, so all the platforms/binario are linked to the main concourse, which is at street level.
As a result there is step free access between the mainline trains and both the:
(1) metro entrance, (there is an escalator link to the metro in the main departure hall) 
(2) the adjacent tram stops.

However, Torino Porta Nuova is in the category of stations that resembles a shopping mall from  where trains also happen to depart from/arrive.

When arriving by train, you first step on to the departure concourse.
If you want to access the Metro, or the main exit of the station on to Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, you then have to pass through the shopping area - you will experience a sense of 'will I ever get there'.
Though your efforts will be rewarded as you will eventually arrive at the stunning main entrance hall.

If you want to take a tram to the city centre, follow the signs leading to the Via Paolo Sacchi exits - it's on the left hand side of the station as you walk away from the trains.

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