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About the station

This guide to taking trains from and to London Paddington focuses on the more unconventional aspects of using the station.

Paddington is arguably London’s most elegant station, it’s certainly one of the few large stations, which looks more magnificent after night falls - the lighting scheme is superb.

But depending on how you arrive at Paddington, it can also be somewhat awkward location in which to take a train.
Although note the use of the word ‘depending’.
If the first part of Paddington mainline station you access is its main concourse, and you’ll be taking a GWR express train or the Heathrow Express, it’s actually a comparatively simple station to use.

This is particularly the case if you arrive at Paddington on a Bakerloo Line train or by a Circle or District Line train which has travelled via Bayswater and Notting Hill.
The part of the Underground station that these trains use is adjacent to the main concourse and you won't have to use any stairs – though you need to take an escalator to/from the Bakerloo line, no lift/elevator is available.

Paddington is a terminus station, so you can wait in or around the main concourse, for the number of the platform/track that your train will be leaving from to be confirmed – though the Heathrow Express trains are always usually scheduled to depart from platforms/tracks 6 and 7.

Behind the main course is an atrium, which houses the main food court and a small shopping mall – handy for picking up last minute travel essentials.

If you will be taking an express GWR train, the number of the platform (track) that it will be leaving from, will appear on the departure screen around 10 – 20 mins before departure.
When it does, it usually prompts a stampede towards the train.
Join the throng if you don’t have a seat reservation, but if you do, hang back and avoid the rush.
You will need to use the ticket gates to access the train, so have your tickets in your hand as you head towards it.

Accessing platforms (tracks) 11 - 14 from the main concourse:

These platforms tracks are only used by the Great Western local trains, but they’re on the far right hand side of the station.
They're somewhat out of sight from the main concourse, as they're not located under the main roof.

Platform (track) 14 is particularly distant from the main concourse, it's located off to the right towards the end of platform 12. (there is no platform 13).

Also trains which use platforms 11 and 12 often only use the far end of the platforms.

It makes for an easier interchange when using the Underground located at that end of the station, but a longer walk from the main concourse.

If you will be heading to Windsor by changing trains at Slough, those trains to Slough can depart from platforms 11-14.

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