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About the station

The guide to using Marseille St. Charles train station, also suggests places to stay with easy access - and why Marseille is a great base for exploring the south of France by train.


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Marseilles St Charles is a terminus station so it’s comparatively easy to use.
The (voies) platforms/tracks are on the same level as the main concourse - which also houses ticket and information offices and the access to the metro station.
Changing trains simply involves walking from one voie (platform/track) to another via the main concourse.

Six things worth knowing about Marseille-St Charles:

(1) At Marseille-Saint-Charles the voies (platform/tracks) by the main concourse have letters in place of numbers the run from A - N.

(2) Voies (platform/tracks) A - E are in the older part of the station, so for some of their length they are under the arched roof.
Voies G - N are between the older part of the train station and the adjacent bus station.

Voies G, H and I have canopies along their length, which are as long as the older station roof.
However, voies L - N have very short roofs which over little protection from inclement weather.

(3) Voies (platform/tracks) 1 and 5 are located away from the main councourse, towards the far end of voie (platform/track) A.
They are used by some TER trains, particularly to and from destinations to the east, which includes the trains to Toulon and beyond.
So voies 1 -5 are some distance from the main concourse.

(4) Aside from its avenue of trees inside the station, the other untypical aspect of Marseilles St Charles is that the building also houses the city’s long distance bus station.
When looking at the departure screens don’t confuse the buses with the trains - the bus departure screens are labelled Gare Routière

(5) The station occupies an elevated position overlooking the city, so on a fine day the best location to wait for a train is on the huge terrace in front of the station with its magnificent views.
These views contribute to the station’s wow factor.

Due to the station's elevated position, the most famous aspect of the station is the flight of stairs that links Marseille St Charles to the Place De Marseillaises - but you don’t have to climb these stairs when accessing the station from the city centre.

(6) As Marseille St. Charles train station is up on a hill, taking the metro between the station and the city centre is particularly recommended.
The Metro station by the harbour side in the downtown area of the city is named 'Vieux-Port - Hôtel de Ville'.

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