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Salzburg, (Austria)

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About the station

Our guide to using Salzburg's main train station, also explains how to make the transfer between the station and both the city centre and the airport.

It took six years of construction work, but Salzburg Hbf has been transformed into a train station that not only has the wow factor, it's also comparatively easy to use.

Departing By Train:

The main entrance to Salzburg Hbf is on Südtiroler Platz by the trolleybus station; Salzburg doesn’t have a metro/U-Bahn, so the trolleybus is the main public transport network in Salzburg.

From the main entrance hall in Salzburg Hbf, a wide passage way leads under the bahnsteigen (platforms/tracks) which gives access to the trains.
The trains depart from an upper level, but there are easy to navigate stairs, escalators and lifts up to each platform/track/bahnsteig.

Finding Your Train at Salzburg central station:

You can use the electronic indicators to find out which bahnsteige your train will be departing from.
If it isn’t yet listed yet on the electronic screens, use the yellow 'Abfahrt; departure sheets.

Though don’t head to the platforms/bahnsteig too soon.
You’re better off waiting for a train in one of the cafés on the lower Südtiroler Platz level - or in the 1st class lounge if you have a 1st class ticket/rail pass.

Another electronic indicator on the platform will give details of the next train to depart.

Boarding Your Train:

The platforms/bahnsteig are zoned and on each of them is an electronic display - showing which carriage/coach of each train will be located in each zone when the train is at the platform.
So if you have a reservation or will be travelling 1st class, you can use it to work out where to wait on the platform/track/bahnsteig for easy boarding.

If you don't have a reservation, it can be a good idea to work which zone your train will be using, which is furthest from the entrance.
Do this and you'll have less competition when  choosing your pick of the available seats.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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