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Travel News A Summary of major Construction Projects
The current European major railway works that will be impacting on rail services

A Summary of major Construction Projects

Check if your train journey will be impacted by current and future major rail construction projects; with new info for Germany, Sweden and Switzerland

| 8 months ago

The vast majority of the work to improve railway lines, which impacts on the frequency and journey times info on the journey guides is completed over one Sat/Sun period.
So if you can't find a usual route or train departure online, it can be worth having a look at the links to the national construction work, which you will find below.
You may then have to translate what you'll find, but it can worth the effort to discover what's occurring and to glean whether you'll need to take a bus for part of the journey, or whether trains are instead being diverted.
Alterations to the usual service are often not particularly obvious when looking up the journey on a ticket booking service.

The information included below is a guide to the the more extensive construction projects which are impacting on train services for a week or more.
Therefore these are the projects which are good to be aware of if you're planning a rail pass itinerary and want to avoid any hassle, or are wondering why a typical connection isn't available on multiple dates.

Upcoming construction works by country

These are the upcoming rail construction projects which;

  • last more than a weekend, so also impact on Monday to Friday travel
  • affect long-distance express trains
  • result in trains being diverted, with longer journey times (which impacts on connections)
  • Or, are being substituted by buses for part of the journey.


Due to construction work some long distance-trains cannot operate between Bischofshofen and Innsbruck until October 7th.
The principle routes affected are the IC services 518 and 519 between Innsbruck and Graz, which travel via Zell-am-See and Bischofshofen, as they are suspended completely.


Aarhus ↔ Aalborg:

Until October 22nd work is being carried out to replace the railway tracks between Aarhus and Aalborg, so at various times until then buses are having to be substituted for the trains.


1: The high speed line between north of Wurzburg
Until December 10th, a key section of the primary north<>south high-speed line in Germany is closed due to renewal works.
During the this time, the ICE trains travelling between Fulda and Wurzburg will be diverted on to the older classic line, which the high-speed route avoids.
The affected services are the ICE trains on these routes:

  • (Kiel) - Hamburg or Bremen - Hannover - Kassel - Wurzburg - Nurnberg - (Augsburg) - Munchen
  • Hannover - Kassel - Wurzburg - Nurnberg - Linz - Wien (the daily ICE train)

During this time trains will mainly depart at their usual time and operate at their usual schedules between Munchen and Wurzburg when heading north; and between Hamburg/Bremen and Fulda when heading south, but the diversion will add around 60 mins to the journey time.
As a result trains from Munchen will arrive at Fulda, Kassel, Gottingen, Hannover, Bremen. Hamburg and destinations north of Hamburg around an hour later than the usual timetable.
In the opposite direction heading south, trains from Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover, will arrive into Wurzburg, Nurnberg and Munchen an hour later than the usual time.

Until October 16th the work on the line will also impact on the ICE services on these two routes:

  • Dortmund - Koln - Frankfurt (Main) - Wurzburg - Nurnberg - Munchen; journeys will be extended by 20 mins, with earlier than normal departures from Munchen and Nurnberg; and later arrivals into those two locations.
  • Dortmund - Koln - Bonn - Frankfurt (Main) - Wurzburg - Nurnberg - Regensburg - Linz - Wien; these trains will also be mainly calling at Frankfurt (Main) Sud instead of at Frankfurt (Main) hbf

2: On the main route between Germany and Switzerland

Work is ongoing to convert more of the railway route between Karlsruhe and Basel into a high-speed line, which is impacting on train services on multiple weekends, with many trains being turned round in either Karlsruhe or Freiburg.
The affected routes are:

  • Hamburg - Hannover - Kassel - Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Karlsruhe - Baden Baden - Freiburg - Basel - Zurich
  • Berlin - Kassel - Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Karlsruhe - Offenburg - Freiburg - Basel (- Bern - Interlaken)
  • (Amsterdam) - Koln hbf - Frankfurt Flughafen - Mannheim - Karlsruhe - Baden Baden - Offenburg - Freiburg - Basel

3: In the Berlin area

From Oct 12th to November 13th a bridge repair means that many trains on these routes will be using Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station in place of Berlin Hbf and Berlin Ost.

  • Basel - Frankfurt - Kassel - Berlin
  • Frankfurt Airport - Kassel - Berlin
  • Amsterdam - Hannover - Berlin

From Oct 31st to November 13th the same bridge repair will also be preventing the trains on the Koln - Hannover - Berlin route from calling at Berlin-Spandau station and arrival times in Berlin Hbf will be up to 20 mins later than usual.

4: In the Mainz area

(1) From 20:00 on Sunday, September 18th to 04:00 on Tuesday, October 4th construction work at Russelheim is impacting on the route between Mainz and Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport used by the IC and ICE trains on the Koln - Koblenz - Mainz - Frankfurt - Nurnberg route.
During this time some trains on these routes aren't calling at Mainz or Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport.

Most trains which travel between Mainz and Nurnberg are also not calling at Frankfurt (Main) Sud station either with connections to/from Frankfurt (Main) hbf available at Aschaffenburg or Darmstadt.

(2) From Friday, October 14 at 10pm to Monday, October 24th at 5:10am due to track renewal at Mainz Roman Theater station, most ICE, IC and EC trains do not stop in Mainz Hbf, but will instead call in Bingen (Rhein) Hbf for connections to/from Mainz.

Also during this time the ICE trains on the Weisbaden - Mainz - Frankfurt - Erfurt - Liepzig - Dresden route are being turn around in Frankfurt (Main) hbf.

5: West of Frankfurt (Main) hbf between Sep 29th to October 23rd

(1) From Weds September 28th at 7pm to Tues October 4 at 5am numerous ICE trains which travel between Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt (Main) hbf will be calling at Frankfurt (Main) Sud station instead.

(2) From Saturday, October 8th to Sunday, October 23rd several ICE trains which usually terminate in Frankfurt (Main) Hbf, including those on the Amsterdam and Bruxelles <> Frankfurt (Main) Hbf routes will be turned around in the station at Frankfurt Airport.

6: Between Bremen and Dortmund from Oct 2nd to Oct 16th

From Saturday, October 1st at 10pm to Monday, October 17th at 6am the railway between Bremen and Dortmund is closed due to track work
As a result the trains on the Hamburg - Bremen - Osnabruck - Dortmund - Koln/Cologne will be unable to call at Osnabruck Hbf, which will also break connections with trains on the Amsterdam - Amersfoort - Deventer - Osnabruck - Hannover - Berlin route.

The trains which usually travel north ↔ south through Osnabruck will instead be diverted to and will be making additional stops in Bielefeld Hbf and Hamm (Westf) Hbf and run up to 60 minutes later.

7: In the Braunschweig area between Oct 10th and December 14th

During this period of time the ICE trains on these routes are not calling at Braunschweig and Hildesheim, resulting in longer journey times and fewer trains overall:

  • Basel - Frankfurt - Kassel - Braunschweig - Berlin
  • Frankfurt Airport - Kassel - Braunschweig - Berlin

The IC trains on the Dresden - Leipzig - Magdenburg - Braunschweig - Hannover - Bremen/Koln routes aren't operating between Braunschweig and Magdeburg during these dates.

8: Trains between Berlin and Stralsund/Ostseebad Binz from October 7th to October 21st

The IC and ICE trains are diverted between Stralsund and Berlin and will be making additional stop in Neustrelitz.
As a result trains will be departing and arriving in Ostseebad Bin and Stralsund up to 45 mins later than normal.

9: At Wuppertal from October 17th to October 24th

From Monday, October 17th a 12am to Sunday October 24th at 9:00pm due to track renewal in Wuppertal all trains on the Cologne Hbf <> Dortmund Hbf route won't be calling at Solingen Hbf, Wuppertal Hbf and Hagen Hbf and will be instead be diverted to call at Düsseldorf Hbf with travel times increased by up to 20 minutes.

10: Between Mannheim and Stuttgart from October 29th to November 11th

Several ICE trains are canceled between Frankfurt (Main) Hbf/Mannheim Hbf and Stuttgart Hbf during these dates.
This impacts on the ICE trains on these two routes

  • Berlin - Leipzig - Erfurt - Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Stuttgart - Ulm - Augsburg
  • Hamburg - Hannover - Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Stuttgart

It looks as though this is linked to what seems to be a planned closure of the high speed line between Vaihingen (Enz) and Stuttgart Hbf from October 29th to November 11th, which is adding 20 minutes to the journeys of the remaining ICE trains between Stuttgart and Mannheim.

11: Trains between Berlin and Warnemünde from November 11th to December 9th

During these dates the IC trains on the Berlin - Rostock - Warnemünde route are either being diverted on to a much longer route via Schwerin, or cancelled completely.

12: At Koln Messe/Deutz station

From Friday, November 25th to Tuesday, December 6th, track work in Cologne will result in several ICE trains being canceled between Düsseldorf Hbf and Köln Hbf, with some additional cancellations between Cologne Hbf and Bonn Hbf.
The IC/EC trains on the Hamburg - Bremen - Dortmund - Cologne Hbf - Bonn - Mainz and beyond routes, will be calling at Cologne Messe-Deutz instead of at Cologne Hbf.

Great Britain

1: On the Cambrian Coast

Due to maintenance work, buses are being substituted by trains on the Machynlleth - Aberdovey - Barmouth - Porthmadog route until at October 14th and then from November 5th to November 14th.

2: North of Newcastle

From October 1st to October 9th construction work is being carried out on the railway north of Newcastle, which is used by trains which travel between Edinburgh and north-east England that are operated by CrossCountry, LNER, Lumo and TransPennine Express.

How the services will be impacted during this time depends on the operator and the date, plus the resulting displacement of the trains will impact on some services which don't travel to/from Newcastle and Edinburgh.
Also Lumo has yet to confirm how its services will be impacted

Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd

CrossCountry = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh

LNER = will be operating an hourly service between Newcastle and Edinburgh, which is around only 50% of the usual service. These remaining trains will be diverted through Carlisle, so will have journey times extended by up to 2 hours.
Replacement buses will serve the intermediate stations between Newcastle and Edinburgh so will call at Morpeth, Alnmouth, Berwick, and Dunbar.
On these dates other LNER services won't be serving Harrogate, Hull or Lincoln.

TransPennine Express = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Monday October 3rd

CrossCountry = its services will start / terminate at York where passengers can transfer to LNER trains for the journey between York and Newcastle

LNER = Rail replacement buses will operate between Newcastle and Morpeth with rail services resuming between Morpeth and Scotland.

TransPennine Express = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Tuesday October 4th to Thursday Oct 6th

CrossCountry = Trains will operate as normal with some slight re-timings in the Newcastle area.

LNER = An amended and reduced service will run between London Kings Cross and Darlington / Newcastle / Scotland and LNER will not be serving, Hull, Middlesbrough, Lincoln, Harrogate and Sunderland.

TransPennine Express = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Friday October 7th

CrossCountry = its services will start / terminate at York where passengers can transfer to LNER trains for the journey between York and Newcastle

LNER = A limited service will run to / from Scotland via Carlisle, with journey times extended by up to 90 minutes. An hourly service will run between London Kings Cross and Newcastle, and between Morpeth and Edinburgh, with replacement buses running Newcastle - Morpeth.
Services to / from Lincoln will run to / from Newark Northgate, services to / from Harrogate will run to / from Leeds, and services to / from Sunderland will run to / from Newcastle.

TransPennine Express = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Saturday October 8th to Sunday October 9th

CrossCountry = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

LNER = An hourly service to and from Scotland diverted via Carlisle with journey times extended by approximately 90 minutes. Replacement coaches will be provided between Newcastle, Morpeth, Alnmouth, Berwick, Dunbar and Edinburgh.
An hourly service will operate between London Kings Cross and Darlington.
Trains between London Kings Cross and Leeds will be reduced to hourly, and Harrogate services will start and terminate at Leeds.
Some Lincoln services are cancelled and others will start and terminate at Newark Northgate.

TransPennine Express = buses will replace trains between Newcastle and Edinburgh, but some trains will be available between Edinburgh and Berwick Upon Tweed.

3: Aberdeen ↔ Inverness

From October 15th to October 25th construction work for the building of Dalcross station is being carried out with buses replacing trains between Inverness and either Nairn or Elgin.

4: Rugby ↔ Stafford

According to the National Rail website, the railway between Rugby and Stafford will be closed completely from Oct 22nd to October 30th and this railway is typically used by the Avanti West Coast services, which travel between London and Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and North Wales.
How the route closure will be managed by Avanti West Coast has yet to be announced, but it is likely that buses will be used to substitute for many services for a significant section of the journey.

5: Tunbridge Wells ↔ Hastings

Due to reconstruction work the railway between Tunbridge Wells and Hastings will be closed completely from Oct 22nd to October 30th, with a range of bus services substituting for the trains.
This railway is used by trains on the London Charing Cross - London Bridge - Tunbridge Wells - Hastings route, but the trains on the London Victoria - Gatwick Airport - Hastings route are unaffected.


1: From Monday 31st October to Saturday 26th November, buses are replacing many of the Regionale trains between Bivio d'Aurisina and Trieste route, which impacts on all of the routes taken bey local and regional trains to and from Trieste

2: Until October 15th work is carried out on most nights between Treviso and Udine, which is leading to some late evening and early morning cancellations of Regionale trains on the Venice - Treviso - Udine route.


It looks as though buses will be replacing trains between Murcia and Albacete until further notice.
Presumably this is linked to the construction of a high-speed line between Murcia and Albacete.


From September 19th to September 28th the railway between Lund and Malmo will be closed with buses substituting for the trains.
The Snabbtag trains from Stockholm to Malmo and Kobenhavn will be turned round at Lund.
For journeys by Oresundtag trains between Denmark and Lund plus destinations to the north including Goteborg, the part of the journey between Malmo and Lund will be by bus.

The Netherlands:

From Oct 20th to November 7th the Intercity trains on the Amsterdam - Leiden - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Roosendaal - Vlissingen route are being impacted by works on the railway in the Dordrecht area.
Buses will replacing trains for the part of the journey between Dordrecht and Lage Zwaluwe.

Impacts on international routes:

These are the upcoming major works on the railway lines, that will be impacting on international railway routes over sustained periods of time.

Dortmund - Koln - Koblenz ↔ Linz - Wien

Until Oct 16th the trains on this route will not be calling at Frankfurt (Main) hbf and will be calling a Frankfurt (Main) Sud station instead.

Hamburg - Berlin - Dresden ↔ Decin - Prague - Bratislava - Budapest

On Mondays only until Dec 5th, between 08:55 and 16:55, replacement buses will be substituting for the trains between Dresden and Decin.

Fewer night trains at Padova/Padua

Until November 5th the Nightjet trains on routes between Italy and both Munich and Vienna are being diverted and as a consequence they won't be able to call in Padova/Padua station.

Prague - Olomouc - Ostrava ↔ Zlina

Until Oct 25th buses are replacing trains between Cadca and Nivsy which is impacting on all trains which travel between Ostrava in Czechia and Zlina in Slovakia.

Paris and Marseille ↔ Luxembourg

From October 29th to November 6th , as well as the weekends of November 12-13th , November 18-19th, December 10-11th and December 17th-18 no TGV trains will be able to use Luxembourg station.
Replacement buses will be substituting for the trains between Luxembourg and either Metz or Thionville station.

Amsterdam ↔ Berlin

(1) From Monday, September 19th to Saturday, October 1st the trains on the Amsterdam - Amersfoort - Deventer ↔ Bad Bentheim - Osnabruck - Hannover - Wolfsburg - Stendhal - Berlin route are being diverted between Hannover and Berlin.
As a result they will not be calling at Berlin-Spandau, Stendal Hbf and Wolfsburg Hbf during this time and are instead being diverted to call at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, Magdeburg Hbf and Braunschweig Hbf, with travel times extended by up to an hour.
On some of of these dates the trains will also not be calling in Berlin Hbf and Berlin Ost and will only be using Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station.

(2) From Friday October 14th to Sunday October 23rd, trains are cancelled on the Amsterdam Centraal <> Bad Bentheim section of the route with buses substituting for trains Apeldoorn/Hengelo <> Bad Bentheim.
Other IC trains will operate Amsterdam <>Apeldoorn/Hengelo

Amsterdam ↔ Bruxelles

At weekends from Oct 8th to November 20th maintenance work is being carried out the high speed line between Belgium and The Netherlands which is used by Thalys services on the Paris - Bruxellles - Antwerp - Rotterdam - Amsterdam route and by Eurostar servcies on the London - Bruxellles - Rotterdam - Amsterdam route.
As a result Eurostar is currently not offering tickets for sale for travel to/from both Rotterdam and Amsterdam on Saturdays and Sundays between Oct 8th and November 20th as how trains will be able to use the route during this time has yet to be confirmed.
While Thalys has already cancelled some departures, including some trains which solely travel between Paris and Bruxelles.

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