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The current European major railway works that will be impacting on rail services
A Summary of major Construction Projects Check if your train journey will be impacted by current and future major rail construction projects!
How to travel on European night trains
Additions to night train routes New and improved services will be available from and to a swathe of destinations, including Basel, D...
Highlights of the 2023 timetable The major recent changes, which impact on entire routes have been included on this summary
Main Changes to European Train Schedules for 2020 (pre pandemic)
Main Changes to European Train Schedules for 2020 (pre pandemic) A summary of the new and amended European train travel opportunities which were available in 2020.
The daily train to Madrid arrives in Avignon TGV
Major Changes to services between France and Spain Update! The direct trains on the Barcelona ↔ Lyon route resume from July 13th and those on the Madr...
New European Train Travel Opportunities in 2021
New European Train Travel Opportunities in 2021
A Frecciarossa 1000 train awaits departure from Napoli Centrale
Newly extended ticket booking periods in Italy and France Book tickets up to 6 months ahead for Frecce trains in Italy and on the TGV InOui and Intercités tra...
An ICE 3
Temporary changes to routes taken by many ICE trains Due to work on the Hannover - Kassel - Fulda - Wurzburg high speed line, many ICE routes are being a...
A guide to the European Sleeper train travel experience
Travel between Brussels and Berlin on a new direct night train From May 25th the capitals of Belgium and Germany will be connected by a new direct rail link on tra...
Westbahn launches Munich to Vienna train service
Westbahn launches its Wien/Vienna ↔ München/Munich service The combination of newly added Westbahn services and the long-standing Railjet trains, mean that mor...
How to take a rail based holiday in Interlaken
Zurich and Interlaken to be connected by direct trains Six express trains per day will link the Bernerse-Oberland to the stations in Zurich city centre and...