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Travel News The new pan-European rail timetables commenced on Dec 11th

The new pan-European rail timetables commenced on Dec 11th

The timings on many of the journey guides will now need to be checked and updated over the comings weeks. Though adjustments to the major changes, which impact on entire routes, have been made as per the summary below.

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The nationwide and international train times in all of the countries featured on ShowMeTheJourney have an annual update on the second Sunday in December, so in 2023 the revised timetables come into affect from December 11th.
The timings of most of the trains will then be fixed until the second December Sunday in 2023, though routes to tourist resorts and some international services will also be enhanced in the summer season.
Also all timings can be subject to change due to construction works, particularly at weekends.

The vast majority of the changes are to do with adjusting departure and arrival times by less than 10 minutes, so the usage of specific timings on the journey guides will now need to be checked and verified.
What will also need to be checked are the overall frequencies on each route, but these are are less likely to have been altered.
What have now been fully updated are the travel guide on the menu below

The idea is to feature the major alterations, which will impact on leisure travellers in particular, on the summary below.

International service Changes:

These are the key adjustments to the international timetables which will commence from December 11th:


(1) A new overnight train will depart nightly on a Zurich - Basel - Freiburg - Offenburg - Karlsruhe ↔ Leipzig - Dresden - Bad Schandau - Decin - Praha/Prague route.


(2) The overnight train from/to Munchen/Munich which splits on its route so that it can travel to and from Budapest, Venezia and Zagreb via Ljubljana is having its journey extended in Germany, hence it will now travel beyond Munchen/Munich from to Stuttgart via Ulm.

(3) The Nightjet train on the Wien/Vienna ↔ Milano route is having its journey extended to and from La Spezia via Genova.
Not only will Wien and Klagenfurt gain a new rail link with the Cinque Terre thanks to the station call in Levanto, journeys by rail from Austria to both the Italian and French Rivieras..
Around 1hr 15mins after the arrival in Genova, an Italian IC train will head to the French border at Ventimiglia, where it will connect with trains on to Menton, Monaco-Monte Carlo and Nice.
The station calls of the Italian IC train include Albenga and Sanremo.

(4) On Monday to Saturday a train to Badajoz will depart Madrid-Chamartin at 08:30 and call in Madrid Atocha at 08:50.
In Badajoz it will have a conveniently timed connection into an additional train over the border to Entroncamento in Portugal, where transfers will be available into trains to both Lisboa/Lisbon and Porto.

(5) Thanks to the conclusion of improvement works, an enhanced service is now available on the OsloStockholm route, with up to five trains per day in each direction, more than double the previous service.


(6) Spanish national rail operator Renfe has ended its partnership with the French national rail operator SNCF so it is discontinuing its trains on the LyonBarcelona and the MarseilleMadrid routes.

(7) The 'Vindobona' service by Raiijet trains on the Graz - Wien/Vienna - Brno - Praha/Prague - Decin ↔ Dresden - Berlin will now only be operating between Graz and Decin, so Dresden will be losing its direct link with Wien/Vienna; though the 'Vindobona' was only introduced two years ago



(1) The Golden Pass Express will be providing a new direct service on a Montreux - Gstaad - Zweisimmen ↔ Spiez - Interlaken route.


(1) Around 50% of the services on the Romanshorn - St Gallen - Zurich Airport - Zurich Main Station - Bern Thun - Spiez ↔ Visp - Brig route are being switched to a Romanshorn - St Gallen - Zurich Airport - Zurich Main Station - Bern Thun - Spiez ↔ Interlaken route, so Zurich will now have a direct rail link with Interlaken.

(2) On Saturdays and Sundays two IC trains in each direction will be available on a new Geneve - Lausanne - Bern ↔ Zurich - Landquart - Chur route.
These adjustments will provide a new direct link between Geneve / Lausanne with Chur, heading east these trains will be departing Geneve at 08:42 and 11:42
Heading west trains the trains to Bern, Lausanne and Geneve will be departing Chur on weekends at 13:08 and 16:08.


From January 23rd the major construction project, which will enhance Atocha station in Madrid, will cause the trains between Valencia and the Spanish capital to be switched so that they depart from and arrive at Chamartin station instead.
Though more of these services to/from Valencia will also be direct to/from cities in northern Spain, so will be calling at Chamartin station during their end-to-end journeys.


(1) Most of the services on the long-standing Basel - Freiburg - Karlsruhe ↔ Mannheim - Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport - Koln/Cologne route are having their services extended beyond Koln.
The new route will be Basel - Freiburg - Karlsruhe ↔ Mannheim - Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport - Koln/Cologne - Dusseldorf - Essen - Dortmund - Osnabruck - Bremen - Hamburg.
As result multiple cities in north-west Germany will have a new direct rail link with Freiburg and Switzerland.

(2) The high-speed line between Ulm and Stuttgart has partially opened and the trains which use it will save 15 minutes compared to what had been the fastest journey time in both directions between Stuttgart and Munchen/Munich

To take advantage of this. most of the trains on the Dortmund - Essen - Dusseldorf - Koln Messe/Deutz ↔ Frankfurt Flughafen - Mannheim - Stuttgart route have had their journeys extended to/from Munchen/Munich.
So in most hours two trains per hour will be available between Stuttgart and Munchen/Munich.

Most of ICE trains which travel between Munchen/Munich and Karlsruhe will be using the new line as will the trains on the Berlin - Leipzig - Erfurt - Fulda - Frankfurt (Main) - Mannheim - Stuttgart ↔ Ulm - Augsburg - Munchen/Munich route.
Though despite these trains now being only around 12 mins slower between Frankfurt (Main) and Munchen/Munich compared to the ICE trains which travel via Nurnberg, DB still isn't making tickets available for Frankfurt (Main) ↔ Munchen/Munich journeys on the route via Stuttgart.

Something else which is a tad bizarre is that the ICE trains on the Koln Hbf - Seigburg/Bonn- Frankfurt Flughhafen - Mannheim - Stuttgart ↔ Ulm - Augsburg - Munchen/Munich route, aren't yet using the new high-speed line.
So for the time being their travel times remain unaltered.

Great Britain:

TransPennine Express is seemingly the only UK rail operator introducing new routes from the December 11th timetable change.
The planned revisions, which will primarily impact on Liverpool and Manchester, are:

(1) The stopping trains between Manchester Piccadilly station and Huddersfield are having their journeys extended to and from York via Leeds, then in alternate hours, they will switch between travelling between Newcastle and Scarborough.
As a result, in every other hour Manchester will now have two departures heading to Darlington, Durham and Newcastle.
Scarborough will also regain its direct trains from and to Leeds and will have a new direct link from Manchester.

(2) The Manchester Piccadilly ↔ Leeds - Hull services are being switched to a Liverpool - Manchester Victoria ↔ Leeds - Hull route.
So Liverpool will once again have direct trains to/from Hull

(3) The services on the Manchester - Sheffield - Doncaster - Cleethorpes routes will be extended beyond Manchester to/from Liverpool, instead of serving Manchester Airport.


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