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Travel News Westbahn launches its Wien/Vienna ↔ München/Munich service
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Westbahn launches Munich to Vienna train service

Westbahn launches its Wien/Vienna ↔ München/Munich service

The combination of newly added Westbahn services and the long-standing Railjet trains, mean that more departures are available than ever before on the Wien ↔ München route

| Last Updated: about 2 years ago

For some years now independent train service provider Westbahn has provided alternative services to the Austrian national rail operator OBB, on the Wien ↔ Salzburg route, but now Westbahn has extended some of those services so that it can also serve München/Munich.
For the time being up to four Westbahn services per day will be departing Wien/Vienna for München/Munich with the service to be increased to up to six trains per day from August 2nd (SMTJ has worked out the notes on the from June 12th timetable).
A matching level of service will be available in the opposite direction from München.

The newly added Westbahn trains will provide additional daytime services to the Railjet (RJX) trains operated by OBB on the Wien ↔ München route, meaning that an unprecedented 10 or 11 trains per day are now available for travel between these two cities; which will increase to 12 or 13 trains per day once the full Westbahn timetable is available from August 2nd.

Travellers not only have an increased choice of departure and arrival times; the first trains of the day from both Munich/München and Vienna/Wien are now Westbahn services; but there are also more end-to-end journey options available, as the Westbahn and Railjets use different stations in Vienna/Wien.
The Westbahn services depart from and arrive at Wien Westbahnhof, which is linked to lines U3 and U6 of the Wien Metro; and they also call at Wien Hutteldorf, which has an interchange with line U4.
In contrast the Railjet services arrive at and depart from Wien Hbf, the city's main station, which is served by the metro line U1; the Railjets also call at Wien-Meidling which has an interchange with line U6.

In Munich/München the Railjets pass through München Ost station, the only station in the city that they use is München Hbf, but the Westbahn trains do also call at München Ost.
Frequent local S-Bahn trains cross München city centre and call at a station in the heart of the city named Marienplatz, and making connections at Munchen Ost for Marienplatz can save around 15-20mins compared to making the transfer at Munchen Hbf.

Thanks to Edward for taking the image, which I've er borrowed from his Twitter feed.


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