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About the station

Stockholm Central is an enormous train station, where the different parts of the station used by the trains are some distance from each other.
Therefore our guide to using Stockholm Central station will help with navigating this space.

Stockholm Central is also a station of contrasts.
Its main departure hall is one the most beautiful features, both inside and out, that can be found at any station.
However, the parts of the station, linked to the main hall, which the trains depart from, are comparatively stark.

Particularly worth knowing is that Stockholm Central is in effect five railway stations in one, with specific parts of the station dedicated to;
(i) the long distance trains to the north
(ii) the long distance trains to the south
(iii) the airport trains
(iv) the metro station
(v) the new underground platforms used by the commuter trains.

The access to and from the trains is also on multiple levels, as are the station facilities.
So there are numerous short cuts built into the station, to speed up the journeys of its regular users
Therefore  how you navigate the station will largely depend on how you enter it - and which train you will be taking.


The station has FOUR main entrances:

(1) From the Metro:

The main metro entrance/exit is at a lower level to the platforms/tracks/spår used by the mainline trains.
As you exit from the Metro station you will enter the lower level concourse.

This concourse is also where the LEFT LUGGAGE office and some of the shops and food/drink outlets at Stockholm Central are located.

Ahead of you, from this lower level concourse - there is a passage way leading to platforms/tracks/spår 10-17 - where the long distance trains heading south depart from.
If you already have a ticket - you can check the electronic departure screens to see if your train will be leaving from those tracks
If it is you can proceed directly to the platform/track/spår - you won’t have to ascend up on to the main concourse.

(2) The main entrance,:

The beautiful main entrance connects the main concourse with the street named Vasagatan.
The main TAXI RANK is here and there is also where SOME of the bus services that serve the station will arrive at/depart from.

(3) The Klarabergsviadukten entrance:

This the main road that is carried over the station on a bridge.
Some buses that serve the station have stops on this bridge - and if you take a taxi to Stockholm Central, it may drop you here.

Platforms/tracks/spår 10-17 have direct access by steps and lifts down from Klarabergsviadukten.
There are also steps and a lift down to the main concourse.

(4) The Arlanda Express entrance:

The Arlanda Express airport train has a dedicated taxi drop off point - so if you’ll be taking a taxi to the station in order to take the Arlanda Express, tell the driver that you’ll be taking this train.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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