By Train from Basel / Bâle (Switzerland) to Locarno (Switzerland) - Option 2: depart after 08:05 and a straightforward connection in Bellinzona is required

Journey Summary

Depart Basel / Bâle (Switzerland)

Basel SBB/Bâle CFF

Arrive Locarno (Switzerland)

Journey Time
3hr 25min
6 x connections per day

When the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened, the train services on the north ↔ south 'Gotthard' route in Switzerland were reorganised.

As a consequence most of the direct trains from Basel to Locarno were discontinued - the logic being that the end-to-end journey is now more than 30 mins quicker, even with a straightforward connection between trains in Bellinzona.

Though if you can set off from Basel before 08:05,  there are still two daily direct trains.

Though  if you want to depart later in the day, you will need to change trains - and the simplest option for doing so, is to make one connection in Bellinzona.

This option is available if you can leave Basel in odd hours, and you will have 11 mins to make the train on to Locarno, so this connection is virtually guaranteed.

Train 1

  • Depart: Basel / Bâle (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Bellinzona (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 2hr 43min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Bellinzona (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Locarno (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 31min

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Ticket information

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