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The key things worth knowing about using the station in Locarno and making the transfer between the SBB and Centovalli trains.


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Locarno is served by two railways so it has two separate, but adjacent stations:

  • the main station used by trains operated by the national rail operator, SBB
  • the station used by the trains operated by the local transport company, Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi SA, (F.A.R.T)which is also known as the Centovalli Railway.

The SBB station in is typical of many Swiss stations, there is barrier free access to the platforms/tracks used by the trains, so they are open to the street and allow easy access from the adjacent bus station and the F.A.R.T. station.
When making the transfer from these other transport options and from the town centre, you don't have to pass through the station building, which houses the ticket office and the luggage forwarding service.
The route to the trains from the bus station and F.A.R.Tm, which goes to the left of the station building, has an SBB ticket machine - and some of the left luggage lockers at the station can also be found here.

(99.99% of the images used on ShowMeTheJourney were captured during our travels, but this image was taken by NAC and downloaded from Wikicommons.

The F.A.R.T (Centovalli) station

The platforms used by the F.A.R.T trains are underground and the access to them is by escalators, which are beside the SBB station by the entrance to the car park.
When arriving by SBB trains go passed the front of the stations and go round to the right, you will see the glass roof over the F.A.R.T station's blue escalators, ahead of you, less than a minute's walk away.
When arriving by F.A.R.T trains go up the escalators and as you exit platform/track in the SBB station will be on the left, so check if your onward train is leaving from it.
If you need to access platform 1, walk ahead down to the end of platform 2 and turn to the left.

An odd feature is that the ticket shop for the F.A.R.T trains isn't underground by its platforms, instead it is across the street from the shelter pictured at the top of the page - which is where the station taxi rank is located.
When exiting from platform/track's 1 and 2 in the SBB station, this shelter is ahead and over to the left.

to the funicular

The base station of the Locarno Funicolare is a 5 min wall from the other stations in Locarno.
When exiting either station turn left on to the main road named Via della Stazione and walk by the shelter pictured at the top of the page.
The funicular station is on the other side of the street, look for the sign which says 'Madonna Del Sasso' - which is the other terminus station.


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