By Train from Wien / Vienna (Austria) to London (United Kingdom) - Option 2: taking the overnight train to Koln and making another connection in Bruxelles

Journey Summary

Depart Wien / Vienna (Austria)

Wien Hbf/Hauptbahnhof

Arrive London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International
Journey Time
18hrs 50mins
This journey is NOT possible when departing from Wien/Vienna on a Friday.

Change trains in: Koln/Cologne and Bruxelles/Brussels

The OBB Nightjet train, that usually departs from Wien at 20:41, is due to arrive in Koln hbf station at 08:15.

At 09:43 an ICE train departs from Koln Hbf for Bruxelles/Midi and on any day of the week, except for Saturday, this ICE train has a connection at Bruxelles-Midi station of around 1hr 20 mins into a Eurostar on to London.

However, despite these nicely timed connections, that should ensure a comparatively stress free journey, no ticket agent seemingly sells tickets for an end2end journey on this combination of trains.

So the only option is to book separate tickets for the Wien/Vienna to Koln/Cologne and Koln/Cologne to London journeys.

Train 1

  • Depart: Wien / Vienna (Austria)
  • Arrive: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Journey time: 11hr 34 min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Köln / Cologne / Koeln (Germany)
  • Arrive: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 1hr 51min

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Train 3

  • Depart: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Arrive: London (United Kingdom)
  • Journey time: 2hr 1min - 2hr 20min

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Ticket information

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