By Train from Wien / Vienna (Austria) to London (United Kingdom) - Option 1: taking the daytime trains and making easily timed connections in Frankfurt and Bruxelles

Journey Summary

Depart Wien / Vienna (Austria)

Wien Hbf/Hauptbahnhof

Arrive London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International
Journey Time
from 13hr 18min
2 x connections per day

Change trains in: Frankfurt (Main) and Bruxelles/Brussels

RailEurope will offer multiple combinations of trains for journey by DAY from Vienna/Wien to London, but the easiest routing is to make only two changes of train - AND to make those connections in Frankfurt (Main) Hbf and Bruxelles-Midi/Zuid stations.

Frankfurt (Main) hbf is an exceptionally straightforward location in which to have to connect between trains and the additional connection in Bruxelles/Brussels avoids having to transfer between stations in Paris

Set off from Vienna/Wien at 06:50 and the end-to-end journey time will be longer than if you opt to depart from the Austrian capital at 09:15 - but you will then have more than 80 minutes to make the connection into the Eurostar.
Which SHOULD ensure a stress-free transfer in Bruxelles.

There should also be enough time to make the connection, the ICEs from Wien/Vienna very rarely arrive in Frankfurt (Main) more than 45 mins late.

However, the connection is not absolutely guaranteed and if you leave Wien/Vienna by the 09:15, the ICE on from Frankfurt (Main) will be connecting into the final Eurostar of the day between Bruxelles/Brussels and London.

Further details of how to make this connection are available here.

Missing the connection in Frankfurt (Main):

Depart Vienna at 06:50 and in the unlikely event of missing the scheduled connection at Frankfurt (Main) due to a late arriving train = and it's still possible to be in Bruxelles in time to make the train on to London.

Speak to the train manager on the Wien to Frankfurt ICE, but tickets can be transferred free of charge to alternative departures - though you will have to make an additional change of train in Koln/Cologne.

Train 1

  • Depart: Wien / Vienna (Austria)
  • Arrive: Frankfurt (Main) (Germany)
  • Journey time: 6hr 21min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Frankfurt (Main) (Germany)
  • Arrive: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Journey time: 3hr 5 min (approx)

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Train 3

  • Depart: Bruxelles / Brussels (Belgium)
  • Arrive: London (United Kingdom)
  • Journey time: 2hr 1min - 2hr 20min

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Ticket information

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