By Train from Milano / Milan / Mailand (Italy) to London (United Kingdom) - Option 1: travelling by day and connecting in Paris

Journey Summary

Depart Milano / Milan / Mailand (Italy)

Milano Porta Garibaldi

Arrive London (United Kingdom)

London St Pancras International
Journey Time
from 11hr 39min
1 x optimum connection per day 

The optimum schedule that's usually available daily

(1) Taking the 06:30 from Milano, arrives Paris at 13:14
(2) Taking the 15:03 from Paris, arrives London at 16:39 (also calls at Ebbsfleet)

Though it's also possible to leave Milano later at 08:45 taking the train which is due into Paris at 16:12, but the ticketing options can be tad more complicated if you opt for this departure.

On Mondays to Saturdays a Eurostar is due to depart for London from the Gare du Nord in Paris at 17:03. but the train from Milano will need to arrive pretty much exactly on time AND the transfer across Paris will require zero delays for this 51 min 'connection' into the Eurostar to be feasible.

As that scenario is far from guranteed the ticket agents won't sell the end-to-end jouney which involves that combination of trains.
And if you gamble on making separate bookings for the Milan > Paris and Paris > London trains, you'll have to re-book the Paris > London train if any delay means that you don't make it on time.

Travel on a Sunday and there will usually be a Eurostar departing Paris at 17:33 which arrives in London at 19:00, and the ticket agents will usually offer tickets fo the end-to-end journey on that day of the week, which involves departing Milano at 08:45.

Travel on Monday to Friday or Sundays and there will be a Eurostar on to London leaving Paris at 18:03, which arrives in London at 19:39.
But as this train leaves Paris nearly two hours after the arrival of the train from Milano, the ticket agents can also not offer this end-to-end journey either.
However, in this scenario because the connecting time between trains is nearly two hours, if you do book separate tickets for the Eurostar, you'll be more likely than not be able to make the transfer in time and use the tickets.

Change trains in: Paris

Note that the TGVs between Milano and Paris depart from Milano Porta Garibaldi station and NOT from the city's main station - Milano Centrale.

You will need to make the transfer between the Gare De Lyon, where the TGV will arrive, and the Gare Du Nord, from where the Eurostar will depart.

Train 1

  • Depart: Milano / Milan / Mailand (Italy)
  • Arrive: Paris (France)
  • Journey time: 7hr 19min* - 7hr 51min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Paris (France)
  • Arrive: London (United Kingdom)
  • Journey time: 2hr 16min - 2hr 25min

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Ticket information

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