By Train from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to København / Copenhagen (Denmark)

Journey Summary

Depart Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam Centraal

Arrive København / Copenhagen (Denmark)

København H /Copenhagen H
Journey Time
from 10hr 33min
2 x connections per day

At face value this will probably seem a long and complicated journey by train, but it's more than likely to be stress-free.

Our top tip for those travelling with heavy luggage, small children etc, is to seek out and use the lifts/elevators, that will be available at all four stations - in Amsterdam, Osnabruck, Hamburg and Kobenhavn.

Change trains in: Osnabruck and Hamburg

The connection between trains at Osnabruck is around 17 - 19 mins

This matters if you depart Amsterdam at 07:00, because if the train arrives in Osnabruck too late to connect into the train on to Hamburg, you won't then make the optimum connection on to Kobenhavn - you will then have to spend more than two hours in Hamburg awaiting the next departure on to Denmark.

Depart Amsterdam by the 09:00 train and your end-to-end journey will be slower by at least an hour, but you will be more likely to make the connections.
Make the connection in Osnabruck and you'll be spending over two hours in Hamburg between trains (if you don't take the train heading to Arhus and make another connection in Kolding).
But there will be contingency against the possibility of missing that connection in Osnabruck.

Depart Amsterdam at 11:00 and the journey will be faster, but making the connections into what is the final train of the day on Kobenhavn will be far from guaranteed.
You will be relying on making an 18 min connection in Osnabruck and a 39 min connection in Hamburg

If you depart Amsterdam at 07:00 or 09:00 and train delays cause you to miss booked connections, tickets/reservations etc can be transferred free of charge to later departures.

Train 1

  • Depart: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Arrive: Osnabrück (Germany)
  • Journey time: 3 hr 6 min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Osnabrück (Germany)
  • Arrive: Hamburg (Germany)
  • Journey time: 1hr 50min

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Train 3

  • Depart: Hamburg (Germany)
  • Arrive: København / Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Journey time: 4hr 40min

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Ticket information

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