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Hannover, (Germany)

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About the station

Hannover Hauptbahnhof/Hbf would be a contender for any easiest to use large station awards.

It consists of one large passage way that runs beneath the gleis/platforms and gives acesss to/from the trains, but at Hannover Hbf the lifts (elevators_ aren’t hidden out of the way, they’re between the stairs and escalators in atriums that link each gleis/platform to the passage way.

When arriving by train the stairs, esclators and lifts are all grouped together in the centre of the gleis/platforms.

At either end of the passage way are exits to the city, both of which have taxi ranks, and the access to the U-Bahn (metro) is benath the passage way

All of the facilities at the station are either located in the depature hall, which leads to the main city centre exit/entrance on Ernst August Platz, or in the passage way.
The toilets aren’t hidden away on an upper level and the left luggage lockers aren’t out of sight on a lower level etc.

One thing to be aware of is to check the location of your final desination in the city before you arrive at Hannover Hbf.
The station also has a great location adjacent to the heart of the city (Mitte), so some areas in the city are best accessed from the exit on to Raschplatz, at the opposite end of the passage to the main entrance hall.
Hence it can be worth checking if this Raschplatz exit will suit you better than using the main exit.

1st Class Lounge
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Taxi Rank
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