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Innsbruck, (Austria)

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About the station

This guide to using Innsbruck Hbf station explains how to navigate the station, and how to access the airport and the Hungerburgbahn.

Making Your Way to the Trains at Innsbruck Hbf:

At Innsbruck Hbf train station the long bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks) numbered 1-7 that most of the trains depart from are divided into zones A, B, C and D.
On the departure screens these zones will be used, along with the number of the bahnsteig (platform/track), so that you may see that the Railjet to Wien is departing from '4 BC' etc.

The trains depart from an upper level, so there are two passage ways that run beneath the bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks),these passage ways give access to the trains from the departure hall.

However, when taking a train from Innsbruck Hbf pay particular attention to the zone(s) on the bahnsteig (platform/track) that your train will be departing from.
As you face the platforms from the departure hall, the passage way at the far left of the hall is the quickest route to zone A.
While that on the right has the easiest access to zones C and D.
If your train is departing from zone B it doesn’t matter which passage way you use.

You don’t need to use either passage way if you are commencing your journey at Innsbruck and your train is departing from /bahnsteigs (platforms/tracks 21-22), as they have their own access from the south side of the departure hall.

If your train isn’t yet listed on the departure screens you can use the yellow 'Abfarhrt' departure posters to check the details of its departure.

Holiday in Innsbruck and take day trips by train:

Beautiful railway routes head off in every direction from Innsbruck, so the city makes a great base for easy exploring by train.

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