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About the station

With its 24 platforms (tracks) London Waterloo is the UK’s largest station, but as it’s a terminus station the access to and from the trains is straightforward, so despite its size it is also a comparatively uncomplicated station to navigate.

All of the platforms/tracks which the mainline trains arrive at and depart from are linked to the main concourse.
Although what was the Eurostar terminal has recently been adapted, so that it can now accommodate regular train services.
As a result the access to platforms (tracks) 20-24 is set back from the main concourse - and the transfer between the Underground and this part of the station is by a different route, which avoids the main concourse.

What can help make sense of the space is that the trains usually depart from specific sets of platform (tracks) according to their destination - though note there’s some overlap.

Platforms 1 – 6 for the shorter-distance ‘commuter trains’ via Wimbledon to Hampton Court, Chessington, Epsom and Kingston-upon-Thames.

Platforms 5 – 17 are used by the longer-distance to trains to destinations including Bournemouth, Exeter, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Southampton and Winchester.

Platforms 17 – 24 are where the trains to Ascot, Putney, Richmond and Windsor depart from.

South Western Railway operates all the trains which depart from London Waterloo.

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