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About the station

London Bridge station has recently been transformed from one of Britain’s least loved stations into a showpiece 21st century transportation hub.

Though from a first time user perspective, the enormity of the space that’s been created can be bewildering.

The key thing worth knowing is that it is a station of two distinct parts:

(1) The main concourse;

The relatively new, huge street level concourse, which is located beneath the trains, between St Thomas Street and Tooley Street, has direct access to ALL of the platforms/tracks above by escalators and lifts (elevators).

(Only one lift connects the concourse to platforms 10-15 - it's on the opposite side of the concourse to the escalators which go up to platforms 12-13).

What can be a tad unexpected is that the ticket gate lines surround this concourse, so there aren’t separate ticket gates for each platform (track).
And what’s particularly unusual for a British station is that some of the shops at the station are on the other side of the ticket gates.

A tad bizarrely, what this main concourse doesn’t have is a primary departure board, which lists all departures AND the stations that each train will be calling at.

Instead there are separate groups of departure screens - some of which only feature the details of the trains operated by Southeastern, while others only list departures by Southern trains.
But the 'A to Z' departure summaries DO include all of the trains which leave from London Bridge.

There are also information desks and other station staff who can point you in the right direction.


The Southeastern trains heading away from London depart from platforms (tracks) 1 and 6 and 7.

The trains calling at Greenwich usually depart from platform 1.
(Though If you are heading to Greenwich, the next train to depart can be a Thameslink train from platform 4 instead of a Southeastern train from platform 1 – look out for the trains heading to Rainham).

The Southeastern trains heading to Canterbury, Dover, Hastings and Tunbridge Wells depart from platforms (tracks) 6 or 7 – these are accessed by the same escalator and lift.
Though during Monday to Friday peak hours there are additional departures to these destinations from platform 1.


The Thameslink trains heading south to a swathe of destinations in Surrey and Sussex including Gatwick Airport and Brighton depart from platform (track) 4.

While the Thameslink trains heading north to destinations such as Cambridge, Peterborough and St Albans via King’s Cross depart from platform (track) 5.


The trains operated by Southern depart from platforms (tracks 10 -15) and occasionally the trains heading to Brighton and Gatwick Airport also use this part of the station.


(2) The upper level concourse:

There is also an upper level concourse, which is adjacent to The Shard skyscraper.

If you take a taxi to London Bridge it may drop you by this upper level concourse - and the bus routes which terminate at the station (routes 43 and 141) also arrive here.

It is on the same level as the part of the station used by the Southern trains which depart from platforms (tracks) 10-15 and the main departure board on this concourse only shows details of the Southern trains.

From this upper level concourse in order to access platforms (tracks) 1 – 9, which the Southeastern and Thameslink trains use, you have to;
(1) descend into the main concourse by escalator or lift/elevator,
(2) go through the ticket gates,
(3)  then ascend by escalator or lift/elevator up to the platform your train will be departing from.

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