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About the station

Our guide to using Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid/Brussels South train station will explain:

(i) how to navigate the station;
(ii) what to be aware of when arriving and departing by Eurostar and other train services;
(iii) how to travel to the city centre and the most popular tourist sights;
(iv) what facilities are available at the station.

An introduction to using Bruxelles-Midi station:

Somwhat confusing is a pertinent summary of Bruxelles Midi/Zuid station.

Not only is it in effect three stations in one -
(1) The Eurostar terminal
(2) The platforms/tracks/voies used by the other international high speed trains
(3) The patforms/tracks/voies used by the trains to and from other destinations in Belgium.

It also houses two different tram stops, out of sight lifts and a somewhat hidden Metro station - and the signage at the station is tri-lingual.

The trains are also out of sight as they depart and arrive at upper level, so the main facilities at the station are all housed in a passage way that runs beneath them.

These facilities include separate SNCB ticket offices for domestic (within Belgium) and international trains.

This passage way named the ‘Couloir Principal' or 'Hoofdgang' links the main entrance/exit on Place Victor Horta and the secondary entrance/exit on Avenue Fosny.

This main passage way has been smartened up in recent years – so it’s not quite as grim as it once was.

Which is a plus as what Bruxelles Midi lacks is a distinct departure hall, to act as a general introduction to the trains - so the main access to the trains is via this central passage way.

Efforts have been made to make the station easier to use, particularly for its regular users.

Hence there being three exits on each voie/spoor/platform/track used by the trains which arrive from other destinations in Belgium.

So ideal if you know where you are going and will be grateful for a short-cut, but hard to fathom if you are a first time user.

Hence splitting up the pertinent information, which can be accessed on these links below.







If you would like help with planning a train journey to or from Bruxelles/Brussels, or want to include the city on a European train travel itinerary, take a look at ShowMeTheJourney's new Concierge Service.

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Terminus Station

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City Info

Bruxelles Midi/Zuid lives up to its name with a location to the south of the city centre -  some distance from all of the city's the most popular tourist areas.



Bruxelles-Centraal station also lives up to its name with a location only a 5-10 min walk from La Grand-Place.

The national trains and the InterCity trains from and both Luxembourg and The Netherlands, which pass through Bruxelles/Brussels, all call at Bruxelles-Centraal station in addition to Bruxelles-Midi.

Trains heading north and east call at Bruxelles-Centraal AFTER they have called at Bruxelles-Midi.

However, the international high speed trains to and from Bruxelles/Brussels DON'T call at Bruxelles-Centraal.

So, if your train isn’t calling at Bruxelles Centraal, then the easiest access to the city centre is to take a train from Midi/Zuid station to Bruxelles Centraal station.

You won’t have to wait more than 15 mins at Midi/Zuid station for a train on to Bruxelles Centraal -  though there isn’t a ‘next train to Bruxelles Centraal’ indicator, to help you work out which platform/voie it will be departing from.

If you have arrived by Eurostar your ticket will be valid on to any other station in central Bruxelles (that the mainline, and not the metro trains, call at).

The Museum of Fine Arts and the other museums in the Coudenberg complex are also a 5-10 min walk from Bruxelles Centraal station.

Taking the train to the city centre from Bruxelles Midi/Zuid is USUALLY a better option than the

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Bourse/Beurse is the nearest tram stop to the heart of the city - but it’s no nearer to La Grand-Place, than Bruxelles Central station.

Bourse/Beurse is three stops from Midi on tram lines 3 and 4 (and 51*)
*lines 3 and 4 run all day, every day, but the line 51 service is more sporadic

These tram lines 3 and 4 (and 51) share an underground station with the Brussels Metro - so if you do want to take these trams, you can follow the signs to the Metro.

The entrance to this undeground tram/Metro station is in the main 
‘Le Couloir Principal/Hoofdgang’ passage way - opposite the main access to voies 7 -8.

DON'T use the alternative street level tram stops, located on the opposite side of the taxi rank - that are used by tram lines 32 and 81 and 82.

More info on how to connect to the trams at Bruxelles-Mid/Brussels South is available

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More info on how to connect to the Metro at Bruxelles-Mid/Brussels South is available HERE

For the Atomium take Metro Line 6 (direction Roi Baudouin) to Heysel station.

For the museum complex at Parc du Cinquantenaire take either Metro Line 2 or Line 6 (direction Simomis Elisabeth) to Arts-Loi/Kunst Wet station.

Transfer there to Metro Line 1 (direction Stockel) or Metro Line 5 (direction Hermann Debroux) and leave these trains at Merode

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Bruxelles-Midi station is located to the south of the city centre - so there are limited options for finding rooms within a 5 min walk of the station.

The hotels listed below is a fairly comprehensive list of hotels near the station that have guest ratings of above 80% - so early booking is recommended.

There is no 5* hotel in the area around Bruxelles-Midi station.

Alternatively there is a wide choice of accommodation within easy access of the other principle stations in Brussels – Central, Nord and Luxembourg -  all of which have frequent direct trains from Bruxelles-Midi.

Hotels within 5 min walk of Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid Station

Hotel Pullman Brussels Centre

Be Manos Hotel

Novotel Brussels Midi Station

Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Midi

Hotel Mercure Brussels Centre Midi


Meininger Hotel Gare Du Midi

L’Art De La Fugue B&B

Les Habitat Nomades B&B

B&B Loft Jamar

Money saving options with direct public transport links to/from Bruxelles-Midi station

By Scharbeek station (frequent trains from Midi):

Train Hostel

By the Rogier tram/metro stop:

2go4 Hostel

Sleep Well Hostel

Both of these hostels are within a 5 min walk of the Rogier tram/metro stop, take the ‘pre-metro’ tram lines 3 or 4 from Bruxelles Midi.

This is an easier public transport connection than via Bruxelles-Central station - though the Sleep Well Hostel is only a 12-15 min walk from Bruxelles-Central.

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