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About the station

This guide to the main station in Florence/Firenze explains what to be aware of when departing from and arriving in the city by train.

Santa Maria Novella train station in Firenze/Florence is more frequently known as Firenze S.M. Novella or Firenze S.M.N.

And a big tick in the box for taking a train to and from Florence / Firenze is that it's main station is located closer to the heart of the city it serves, than any other main station in Italy.
Santa Maria Novella is therefore within an easy walking distance on level ground, of all the multiple attractions in Florence/Firenze city centre.

The station itself is also comparatively easy to use as all the platforms/tracks/binari are at street level - but what can be awkward are the crowds, particularly in spring/summer.

Also a decision has evidently been made to preserve the station's original character, so some clarity has been sacrificed.
There are noticeably a lot fewer signs to point travellers towards the facilities etc, than at other main Italian stations.
And on the main concourse some of the large signage, on the back wall of the main concourse, is now out of date - though it is eternally beautiful.


The multiple stations in Firenze/Florence:

Florence/Firenze has multiple stations used by long distance trains - including Firenze Rifredi station and Firenze Campo Di Marte station.
However, the city’s only station with convenient city centre access is THIS STATION - Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze S.M.N. or Firenze S.M. Novella)

Firenze S.M.N. is a terminal station - where trains that are passing through Florence/Firenze have to change direction.
Therefore some long distance trains to and from the city skip Santa Maria Novella and only call at Firenze Rifredi or Firenze Campo Di Marte stations.

These trains, which don't call at Santa Maria Novella include most of the Intercity (IC) trains that pass through Florence.
If your train is only calling at Campo Di Marte or Rifredi stations - the easiest access to the city centre, is to make connections to/from other trains which are calling at Firenze S.M.N. (Santa Maria Novella).


Six things particularly worth knowing about Firenze S.M. Novella:

(1) What can help navigate the central station in Florence are the plans to the station layout - which are on the walls of the concourse, by the entrance to the main ticket hall (the Salone Biglietti).

(2) The toilets are halfway along platform/binario 5.

(3) The left luggage office is halfway along platform/binario16.
(You don’t need to have a train ticket to reach either the toilets or left luggage office).

There are no left luggage lockers - so at busy times queues can build up to deposit bags at the left luggage desk.
If you don’t want to pay more than twice the usual charge to use a fast-track system - you can be in the queue for more than 45 mins.
Also allow at least 30 mins to pick up a bag before the departure of your train.

(4) If you’re changing trains at the main station in Florence, there is  passage way half way along the platforms which provides a convenient short cut - but it isn’t step free.
Though it can be a short cut to the left luggage office on binario 16.

(5) There are no direct international DAYTIME trains from and to Firenze/Florence.

(6) The station building is a masterpiece of art-deco architecture.
Not many stations can boast of a permanent exhibition space dedicated to their design and construction.


If you would like help with planning a train journey to or from Florence/Firenze, or want to include the city on a European train travel itinerarytake a look at ShowMeTheJourney's new Concierge Service.

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