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About the station

Roma Termini train station is enormous, but as it’s a terminal it also has comparatively easy access to the trains, particularly from street level.

What can be less obvious is that it’s a station of many constituent parts - some of which can be a lot more crowded than others, it’s constantly busy.

The concourse closest to the trains is constantly busy - and making your way through these crowds can be a bewildering experience when arriving by train.

However, if you will be departing on a Frecce, Italo or Intercity train, your seat(s) on the train will be reserved, so you don't have to rush towards the train when the platform/track/binario is confirmed.

Instead wait for your train on one of the quieter concourses, further back from the trains.

Even more useful information about how to use and navigate Italian railway stations is available HERE.

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Arriving By Train at Roma Termini

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Departing By Train

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