Paris Bercy Bourgogne - Pays d'Auvergne

Paris, (France)

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About the station

Don’t assume that because TGV trains don’t depart from Paris Bercy station, that it’s a station best avoided.
Taking a train from Bercy is less chaotic and confusing than taking a train from the Gare De Lyon.

It’s also a terminus station, so access between the station facilities, which include a café, and the voies (platforms/tracks) which the trains depart from, is step free.

The station's name reflects the fact that is the Paris terminal of the Intercités train service between the capital and these regions in central France.

New direct link to Metro line 14:

Paris Bercy Bourgogne-Pays d'Auvergne station is now directly linked to the Paris Metro
A comparatively new passage way has opened connecting the main line station to  Bercy Metro station on Line 14 - and this line provides a direct link to/from the city centre.

From the line 6 Metro station to the train station:

The nearest exit from the Line 6 Metro station is  on the street named ‘Boulevard de Bercy’ – and not on the nearby street named Rue De Bercy’.
Head for the exit that has the Gare De Bercy sign
Also in common with most Metro stations, you have to use stairs to exit up to street level.

Once you’re at street level, if you have exited on to Boulevard De Bercy, you will see a bridge carrying railway tracks over the road ahead of you.Walk towards this bridge and then on the right, across a street, you will see a set of escalators and they will take you up to the entrance to Paris Bercy mainline station.

From the mainline station to the Metro station for line 6:

When exiting on to the forecourt in front of the station, to the right and head towards some escalators, which will take you down to the street below.
Keep walking ahead as you step off of the escalators and cross the street, you’ll now be on a street corner, so turn slightly to the left and walk down the street named Boulevard De Bercy.

Almost straight away you will come to an access point to Bercy metro station, but tickets are not sold at this entrance, so you can only use it if you already have a valid Metro ticket or pass.
If you don’t possess a valid ticket, you will need to walk passed this entrance and head further down to the street to the next entrance, which will be a 3-5 min walk away at the intersection.

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