By Train from Barcelona (Spain) to Genève / Geneva (Switzerland)

Journey Summary

Depart Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona Sants

Arrive Genève / Geneva (Switzerland)

Journey Time
8hr 10 min
1 x optimum connection per day

Change trains in: Lyon

The fastest journey option for taking a train from Barcelona to Geneva is to take the 08:25 train to Lyon and connect there for TER train on to Geneve/Geneva.

You'll have just over an hour to change trains, so it's highly likely that making the connection will be no problem.

The next train on to Geneve will be a Lyria train*, just around an hour later.

As discounted tickets are available on this Lyria train and they're not on the TER train, if you're booking ahead, it's usually cheaper to opt for an end-to-end journey of time of around 8hr 53min.

Do so and you'll have more than two hours to make the connection in Lyon - and will also have peace of mind of having a reserved seat on the Lyria train.

*This Lyria train doesn't call at Valence TGV - if it did there would be a very convenient connection from the 09:25 train from Barcelona to Paris.

But it doesn't, so if you opt to set off from Barcelona at 09:25 you have to make two connections in Valence and Lyon - and the connecting time in Valence is more than 90 mins.

Train 1

  • Depart: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Arrive: Lyon (France)
  • Journey time: 5hr 8 min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Lyon (France)
  • Arrive: Genève / Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 1hr 52 min (approx)

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Ticket information

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