Edinburgh to Glasgow by train

How to travel by train from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Taking the train to Glasgow from Edinburgh is little different to taking a local train, as the journey takes less than 50 minutes.
So you can be spontaneous and turn up at the station, book a ticket(s) and then just hop on board.
Though the trains between the cities take one of three routes, and this option of the trains which terminate at Queen Street station and travel via Falkirk, is the one to target as it is fastest.
Connect in Queen Street station for trains to Fort William and Mallaig (depart Edinburgh at 07:15 on Mon-Sat and 11:15 and 1715 daily) and Oban (depart Edinburgh at 07:15 and 09:15 on Mon-Sat and 11:15; 15:15 and 17:15 daily)
On Sundays between the end of June and the end of August, there are direct trains between Edinburgh and Oban.



From Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street

Travel Information

Final Destination: Glasgow Queen Street

All trains also call at: Edinburgh Haymarket
If the starting point of your journey is at the western end of the city centre, you can save time by heading to Haymarket station rather than Edinburgh Waverley, in order to board these trains.

Four good reasons for taking the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow.
(1) The stations at both ends of the route have fantastic city center locations.
(2) The ticketing is uncomplicated, so you won't lose out by booking at the station just before boarding.
(3) The trains are new and rather smart!
(4) No need to worry about departure and arrival times as there are two trains every hour between the two cities.
So the lack of seat reservations won't be a problem at all.
At exceptionally busy times, you can simply hang back and await the next departure thereby ensuring that you can take your pick of the seats on the next train.

Monday to Friday
2 to 4 x trains per hour
The more frequent service is typically available between 07:15 and 19:00

Saturday and Sunday
2 to 4 x trains per hour
The more frequent service is typically available between 09:00 and 18:00


Book Early and Save: No

ScotRail does not place discounted Advance tickets on sale for train journeys from Edinburgh to Glasgow, so you will pay the same price per departure whether you book ahead online, or purchase tickets at the station just prior to boarding.

Though you can save money by travelling at less busy times when Off-Peak tickets will be available, so on this route you can save money by not departing from Edinburgh between 16:20 and 18:20 when Mondays to Fridays are working days.
Because if you do depart Edinburgh at those times only the more expensive type of Anytime tickets will be available.

However, if you book an Off-Peak return to Glasgow and then do want to leave there between between 16:20 and 18:20, you won't have to have to buy a completely new ticket.
Take your ticket into the Travel Office at Queen Street station and you purchase a surcharge, which costs around £3.50.

ScotRail offers ticketing deals when Adults travel with children or in groups, but there's no need to book ahead online to obtain these discounts, you will be charged the same prices when booking these ticket at the station just before boarding; though if you so it can be less confusing to book in person at a ticket counter, rather than using a ticket machine.

Where to book
Ticket Provider Approximate Cost
ScotRail *

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On this journey

Good to Know

What's worth being aware of is that that these 'express' services aren't the only trains available between Edinburgh and Glasgow.
So in order to make the journey in the fastest possible time, target these trains which travel via Falkirk and avoid trains which travel on slower routes via Bathgate, or Cumbernauld or Shotts.

Though it can be worth checking the location of your final destination in Glasgow as those other routes call at alternative stations in the city to Glasgow Queen Street.

The two trains per hour which take the route via Bathgate (and are heading to Helensburgh) call at High Street station (close by one of the University of Strathyclyde's main campuses) and at Charing Cross station, which is at the western end of Glasgow city centre.

There is also at least one train per hour from Edinburgh to Glasgow Central station.
It's best to avoid those trains if you'll be heading to the city centre, as they're 25 mins slower than these trains.
However, they're the best option if you'll be travelling on to a destination served by trains which depart from Glasgow Central and not from Glasgow Queen Street, such as Ayr, Dumfries, Greenock and Wemyss Bay.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are two of Scotland's seven cities, but despite that this route isn't part of ScotRail's Inter7City network.

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