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About the station

This guide to Budapest-Keleti train station explains what to look out for when departing from, or arriving here by train.

Budapest Keleti/Keleti- pályaudvar is undoubtedly a beautiful train station, but in some respects it is also a living monument to a bygone era of rail travel.
It’s clearly been a while since Keleti rail station has been modernised and some would argue that is part of its charm

Seven things also worth Knowing About Budapest-Keleti train station:

(1) Budapest Keleti/Keleti- pályaudvar has recently lost its crown as the undoubted main international train station in Budapest.
The daytime express trains between Budapest and Slovakia, Czechia and Germany AND the daytime trains between Budapest and Poland now depart and arrive at Budapest-Nyugati station.

(2) The overnight trains to Czechia, Germany and Poland still use Keleti station, as do all the trains between Budapest and Austria, Romania and Serbia

(3) If you are heading to Budapest on a train which calls at Budapest-Kelenfold station, before arriving at Keleti station - it's likely that you'll have an easier journey to your final destination in the city if you leave the train at Kelenfold.
There's more info about this below,

(4) Don’t be put off by first impressions of Keleti rail station.
It houses modern ticket machines and the departure info makes it fairly easy to find your train.

(5) Budapest Keleti/Keleti- pályaudvar station also houses a rather fabulous café - find it to the left of the main concourse as you face the trains.
An omlette, bread and coffee will cost less than the equivalent of €4.

(6) We deliberately haven't included our usual list of recommendations of places to stay with easy access to Keleti station.
Budapest-Kelti station isn’t in the smartest area of Budapest and it’s also some distance from all of the most popular tourist sights.

So a much better option is to stay in the city centre, but choose somewhere with easy access to a Metro station on Line 2 or Line 4 - so that you can then have easy access from/to Keleti by Metro.

(7) Budapest Keleti's location in the city meant that it had a reputation for being a station where waiting for a train in the evening was cautioned against.

A recently published guide book to the city recommends that when taking an overnight train from Keleti - the best option is to wait in the McDonalds across the street and then enter the station shortly before the train is due to depart.

ShowMeTheJourney was  there in the daytime and observed an efficient police presence in the station and the McDonalds did not look particularly inviting.

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