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About the station

Thanks to its location in the UK capital’s commercial heart, the City of London, Liverpool Street station is a particularly busy commuter hub, but with an average of more than 30 departures in every hour, it’s never quiet.

Though it’s likely that even the regular commuters probably appreciate that the pioneering renovations carried out in 1991, proved to be a text book example of how to preserve the 19th century glory of a station, while creating a space that’s infinitely more user friendly than it had ever been previously.

The stunning roof over platforms 1 - 10 dates from 1875, but platforms 11 - 18 are located in what's in effect the basement of an office block.

The concourse spans the station and provides level access to all the platforms, which the mainline trains depart from.
Though what’s unusual about Liverpool Street is that this concourse is below street level, so it is accessed by escalators and stairs.

There is a street level walkway, which both surrounds and spans the concourse and by the rear of the station building, beneath the war memorial, is a lift (elevator) which connects the entrances/exits to the concourse.
So you shouldn’t have to use the stairs and escalators to access the trains when arriving at Liverpool Street on foot, or by bus and taxi.

The train services tend to leave from specific sets of platforms (tracks) according to their destination – though note there can be some overlap;

Platforms 1 -5 are used by the local trains to destinations in north-east London including Hackney, Stoke Newington, Tottenham, Walthamstow and White Hart Lane

Platforms 3 – 8 is where the trains heading to Cambridge and the Stansted Express services depart from – note that there are no specific platforms (tracks) dedicated to the Stansted Express.

Platforms 8 -10 are used by the express trains to Norwich via Ipswich and Colchester

Platforms 11 – 18 is where the trains to destinations on the Essex coast including Clacton, Harwich and Southend-On-Sea depart from.

This separation of the train services according to destination is also reflected on the main departure board, which hangs down from the roof, so it in effect divides the concourse into two halves.

What won’t be obvious is that the departure board is also split in two, as you look at it the trains departing from platforms 1-10 are on one half on the board  - the 'west departures' - while the trains departing from platforms 11-18 will be listed on the other half - the 'east departures'.

Though the 'Stansted Express' departures are listed in their own separate column on the far right.

The details of the trains are also listed, so that the next train to leave is constantly moving to the left, so working out which platform your train will be leaving from can require some patience.
Though if you are confused the staff at the information desks on the concourse can come to the rescue – there is a dedicated desk for the Stansted Express.

You’ll have a less-stressful travel experience if you aim to at Liverpool Street, ready with ticket in hand, 10 – 15 minutes before your train will be departing.
Give yourself time to absorb the train departure information and as seat reservations aren’t available on any departure,  except the trains heading to Norwich, being able to be among the first wave of travellers to board, is a big plus.

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