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About the station

This guide to London Victoria railway station focuses on the more unconventional aspects of using it to depart and arrive by train.

Victoria is in effect two terminals in one, the Southeastern trains depart from one side of the station, while the other part of the station is where the Southern and Gatwick Express trains leave from.

Though the division between these two parts of the station is less stark than it used to be - the two separate adjacent concourses, now flow into each other.


The Southeastern trains to Bearsted (for Leeds Castle), Canterbury, Chatham, Dover, Margate, Ramsgate and Whitstable, depart from a distinct part of the station, under an elegant arched roof.
When facing the trains it is over on the left and it houses platforms (tracks) 1 – 7.

If you will buying a ticket at Victoria and taking a Southeastern service, something worth knowing is that the only staffed ticket desks at the station are on the other concourse.

In front of this ticket office over on the other concourse, you will also find many more ticket machines than are available on the concourse, which the Southeastern trains depart from.
It doesn't matter which machine at the station you use to purchase tickets.

Platform 8, which is occasionally used by the Southeastern trains is further back from the main concourse - it is to the right of the left luggage office, which is located beside platform 7.

The special trains and the excursion trains also use this part of the station – so don’t be surprised if you see a steam engine!


The main concourse at Victoria is on the right and it provides the access to:
-  An alternative route to platform (track) 8.
-  Platforms 9-11, which are mainly used by the local commuter trains operated by Southern.
-  Platform 12  used by other Southern trains.
-  Platforms 13-14 which are usually dedicated to Gatwick Express trains.
-  Platforms 15 -19, these are more distant from the main concourse, and they are accessed by a passage way, which is over to the right of the main departure board (when looking towards the trains).

The trains which usually depart from platforms 12 and platforms 15 – 19 are the Southern trains to more distant destinations including, Arundel, Bexhill, Brighton, Chichester, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, Gatwick Airport, Hastings and Portsmouth.

Dozens of trains leave from Victoria station in every hour so you’ll need to keep a close on the rapidly updating departure boards to check which platform (track) your train will be leaving from  - UNLESS you will be taking the Gatwick Express, because that service has a dedicated departure board.


Some of the stores and food/drink outlets are at an upper level.
A two storey building, which has a roof deck bar on its upper level, is located between the two parts of the station.

At the platform end of the main concourse, to the right of the ticket gates which give access to the Gatwick Express trains, is an escalator which leads up to a mini-mall named 'Victoria Place'.


Taking a taxi to and from Victoria station:

Victoria station has two taxi ranks and drop-off areas.

In common with many stations it has a taxi rank on its forecourt immediately outside the main station building.
Head for this tax rank if you arrive on a South Eastern train (the trains from Kent), or if you have luggage and arrive on a Southern train service (the trains from Surrey and Sussex) - this taxi rank is on the same level on the trains.
If you will be taking a South Eastern or Southern train service tell the driver, that you want to be dropped off in front of the station.

The other taxi rank is particularly convenient for the Gatwick Express trains.
When arriving at Victoria by the Gatwick Express, if you want to take a taxi, you don't need to head to the main concourse.
Just beyond the front of the train there will be escalators and elevators, which go up to an upper level taxi rank - located above the platforms (tracks) used by the Gatwick Express trains.

When heading to the station tell your driver that you will be taking the Gatwick Express and the taxi will drop you at this upper level entrance to the part of Victoria station used by these trains.
There are elevators and escalators down to the platforms (tracks) which these trains leave from.

If you're on a Southern Train which arrives at platforms (tracks) 15-19, (the trains from Brighton, Eastbourne and Portsmouth usually arrive here) and you don't have heavy luggage, you'll save time if you head to this upper level taxi rank.
It's why the 'Taxi' signs* you'll see will direct you up the escalator into the Victoria Place mall.
Once you're in the mall keep an eye on the signs hanging from its roof.
The access to the taxi rank is through an easy to miss passage way over on the left - don't head for the far end of the mall.

*If you have heavy luggage, ignore the signs and keep going straight ahead across the concourse to exit through the front of the station - the taxi rank will be over to the right.
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