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About the station

Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof/Hbf is an enormous train station and in common with many large stations it can be initially bewildering for first time users.

The gleis/platforms that the trains arrive at/depart from are at an upper level and the station building is also multi-level.
However, the upper level (gallerie) in the station has no access to the trains.

The access to the trains is at street level, on the ground floor of the station building. There are three passage ways, under the tracks, that provide the access from/to the gleis platforms.

The three passage ways are named the Ost Tunnel, the Mittel Tunnel and the West Tunnel, but these names aren’t used on the station signage.
If you have luggage etc, only the West Tunnel has lifts, the access to/from the trains from the other passage ways is by stairs.

When arriving by train, you don’t have to use the stairs, but the lifts are at the far end of the platforms/gleis – in zone F.

When departing by train the central halls of the station lead towards the middle passage way, it’s under the main departure screens, but if you have luggage etc and want to use the lifts, don’t take this route.
The West Tunnel, that houses the lifts is over to the right, at the opposite end to the Burger King in the main atrium that runs the length of the station building - beside the platforms/gleis.

The lowest level of the station building houses the left luggage office and the access to the U-Bahn.
This lowest level also has a passage way that leads towards the city centre (marked

‘zugang‘) – using this passage way avoids having to cross the maze of roads outside the station.

Read more about how to use stations in Germany.

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