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About the station

Dresden's main train station, the beautiful Dresden Hbf, is unusual for two reasons;

(i) its fascinating architecture and history.

When Germany was reunified the station buildings were still scarred by earlier conflicts, but a decision was taken to preserve, protect and modernise them, by covering the main concourse and most of the platforms/tracks with an innovative canvas roof designed by Norman Forster.

(ii) The layout of the station.

Most of the trains Regio and IC/ICE to Dresden from the north and the west terminate at Dresden Hbf - and these trains use the central part of the station, which are at street level.

But the local S-Bahn trains and the international trains to (and from) Hungary and The Czech Republic travel beyond Dresden Hbf - so they use two sets of platforms/tracks raised up above street level on either side of the station.

So it is a station that is in effect divided into three parts, but all of them have easy access from its beautiful main entrance hall.

Dresden Hbf is located at the southern edge of the city centre.

The historic heart of the city, the inner old town, is a 15-25 min walk from Dresden Hbf.

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