Venezia Santa Lucia/Venice S. L.

Venezia / Venice / Venedig, (Italy)

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About the station

Our guide to Venezia S. L. station explains what to look out for when using the station in the historic heart of Venice and how to connect to the water buses and the bus stations.

It isn't the station buildings at Venice S.Lucia that earned it a place on our list of Europe's awe inspiring stations
They're not the best example of the Art Deco inspired 'house' style that was applied to the majority of major Italian stations in the 1930s - that honour can be claimed by Firenze S.M.Novella.

What does give Venezia S.Lucia train station its wow factor is its location.
The views from the steps of a station don't get any better than this!
Arrive in the city by boat and you enter the historic heart of Venezia/Venice by its back doors, but if you take the train, your first clear sight of the city is the stunning vista over The Grand Canal.


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Avoid confusing Venezia S.Lucia with Venezia Mestre:

Venice/Venezia has two main stations:
(1) Venezia Mestre is on the mainland and serves the modern part of the city

(2) Venezia Santa Lucia/Venice S. Lucia (this station), which is located on the banks on the Grand Canal.

So if you’re visiting historic Venice/Venezia, specify when booking a ticket, that you want to travel to Venezia S. Lucia.
take care to select the right station when booking online.

If you have a ticket to Venezia Mestre it WON'T be valid for journeys to Venezia S. Lucia.
And that’s because Venezia Mestre is some distance from Venezia S. Lucia - it takes 8-15 minutes to travel between the two stations by train.

Virtually all* trains from destinations to the south and west, heading to Venezia S. Lucia call first at Venezia Mestre.
So if you’re heading to Venezia S. Lucia take care not to leave the train there.
*Some Frecce and IC trains to/from Venezia/Venice only call at Venezia Mestre - this particularly applies to express trains to/from Trieste and Udine.

If you want to take one of these trains to/from Venice - you can make the transfer between Venezia Mestre and Venezia S. Lucia stations by Regionale train.
Though when doing so, make sure your ticket is valid for the journey between Venezia Mestre and Venezia S. Lucia - in other words specifically select S.Lucia station when booking online, or make if clear when using a ticket desk or agent, that you want to travel to Venezia S. Lucia

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