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About the station

Paris Gare Saint-Lazare is an enormous station, but more than 95% of the trains that depart from it are local trains, on the busy Transilien network of commuter lines in Paris.

As a result of these commuter lines, the station is particularly busy between 16:00 and 18:30 and the thousands of people rushing through the station can seem overwhelming.

If you are first time user, resist going with the flow and take your time, but avoid getting in the way.

The main station is divided into two parts.

(1) the Metro concourse - this is behind the departure concourse in the main station building.
If you arrive by Metro or RER, the escalators and lifts will lead you up to this part of the station.

It's also where most of the shops in the station are located.

(2) the departure concourse which is on the other side of the main station building, in front of the voies (plafforms/tracks) which the trains depart from.

The voies (plafforms/tracks) are at street level.

It’s likely that you will be heading away from Paris on an Intercité or TER train and these longer distance trains nearly always depart from voies (plafforms/tracks) 19 – 27.

These are on the far right of the departure concourse - when you enter the station from its front entrance.

If you are arriving at Saint-Lazare by Metro or RER and taking an Intercité or TER, look for the signs pointing the way to the ‘Grande Lignes’ (long distance trains).

The escalators, that you will come to, will take you up to the the end of the Metro concourse closest to where the Intercité and TER trains will depart from.

Turn left when you step off the escalator and walk through to the departure concourse.

The voies/platforms/tracks will be ahead of you and the Grandes Lignes ticket office will be over to the right.

There will also be ticket machines in this part of the concourse that will sell tickets for ‘Grande Lignes’ journeys by IC and TER train.

Though most of the ticket machines in the station are marked ‘Ile-De-France’ and these won’t sell tickets for the Intercités trains.

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