Rail Pass Itinerary: Scenic Journeys

Milan → 'Centovali Railway' → Milan → Marseille → Nimes → Lyon → Montreux → Milan → Innsbruck → Venice/Venezia → Rome/Roma → Milan

Every day is a beautiful journey day on this 10 day Eurail and InterRail itinerary

We've constructed this itinerary so that every day of travel includes some fabulous views which can be seen from the train.

Even more of these views can be seen in the Facebook gallery which we have compiled to highlight this itinerary.

In order to take as many scenic journeys as posssible, you will have to make more connections than on our other suggested itineraries.

However, don't let that put you off, we've personally checked out all of these suggested connections between trains, confirming that they should be relatively stress free!

This itinerary has aslso been put together to minimise addtional reservation fees.

The required rail pass:

If you use a 10 days of travel within 2 months InterRail Global Pass OR a 10 days within 2 months Eurail SELECT PASS Pass you can take breaks between your days of train travel.

You can then spend some time in fabulous destinations including Marseille, Nimes, Lyon, Innsbruck, Venice and Rome.

From and to Milano:

This rail pass itinerary starts and finishes in Milano, which has three ticks in the box:

(1) Milano is an international rail hub.

So an easy option is to use a purchase a pass valid for 15 days of travel, so that you can use these additional five days of travel to travel to and from Milano by train.

(2) It’s also a budget airline destination - after all you don't have to take a train from/to Milan.

(3) Milan has direct flights from destinations outside Europe - so ideal if you'll be flying into the continent, to use a Eurail Pass.

Malpensa Airport is connected to the city by the Malpensa Express rail service.

Managing Luggage:

The itinerary also loops back to the city at the close of day 6, so you can also split your luggage.

Leave some of your luggage at your hotel, or deposit it in the left luggage at Milano Centrale station, when you set off on Day 2

Then on day 6 pick up the new bags and leave the luggage you'll have used on Days 2 - 6 behind.



Most of the journeys are clickable, so you can access more useful info about each individual train ride including:

(1) All you need to know about the stations where you will be joining and leaving the train.

(2) What to expect when on board each train, such as catering facilities and tips for how to manage your luggage.

(3) Insights for scenic journeys - what to look out for, which side of the train to sit on for the best of the views etc.

Plus if you click the station buttons on the journey guides, you will also usually* find:

(1) Lists of overnight accommodation with easy access to the station and with high user ratings;

(2) Links to destination guides to help you make the most of each location.

*Just the big cities, for now.


Day 1:

Don’t be alarmed by the amount of trains we suggest on day one, particularly as this is a day trip from Milano - so you won’t have to ferry your luggage.

On Monday - Friday it includes the two most scenic railways on the Swiss/Italian border:

(1) The F.A.RT Centovali Line between Domodossola and Locarno (pictured above) is a must, not least because it’s free for Eurail and InterRail pass users.

(2) The MG Railway to/from Capalago - but this line doesn’t offer any discount on its tickets to Eurail and InterRail pass users.

Train 1:
Milano Centrale at 09:29
Arrive: Domodossola at 11:07
Making as many scenic journeys as possible with a rail pass

Train 2:
Depart: Domodossola at 11:25
Arrive: Locarno at 13:19 

Scenic Journey Itinerary for Euaril and InterRail Passes
Train 3:
Locarno at 13:35 - the train will be heading to Biasca or Erstfeld
Arrive: Guibiasco at 13:55


Train 4:
Guibiasco at 14:08 - the train should be heading to Como
Arrive: Capalago-Riva S.Vitale at 14:48

Trains 5 and 6: (The MG Railway)
Depart: Capalago-Riva S.Vitale at 15.25
Arrive: Generosso Vetta at 16:-05 

Depart: Generosso Vetta at 16:15
Arrive: Capalago-Riva S.Vitale at 16:55

Train 7:
Capalago-Riva S.Vitale at 17:05*
Arrive: Chiasso at 17:22

Train 8:
Depart: Chiasso at 18:07
Arrive: Milano Centrale at 18:50

*You should make this 10 min connection if you hurry, but if you do miss it, there will a later train on to Chiasso.

In that circumstance the train you'll then be taking on to Milano Centrale is due to arrive there at 19:50.


If you want to skip the MG Line, leave the train from Guibiasco to Como when it arrives in Lugano

You can then spend some time in this beautiful city on the shore of the lake - to which it gives its name.

Train 4:
Depart: Guibiasco at 14:05 - the train should heading to Albate-Camerlata
Arrive: Lugano at 14:33

Train 5:
Depart: Lugano at 16:42 or 17:42 or 18:42
Arrive: Milano Centrale 17:50 or 18:50 or 19:50


Day 2:

Before setting off on Day Two, it's a good idea to visit the ticket office in Milano Centrale station and book the reservations you'll need when taking all of the Italian Intercity trains on this itinerary;

(i) this train to Ventimiglia,
(ii) the train from Ancona to Roma on Day Nine,
(iii) the trains from Roma to Genova and Genova to Milano on Day Ten.

Train 1:
Depart: Milano Centrale at 09:10 by Intercity train
Arrive: Ventimiglia at 12:58

Reservation fee = €3 for  1st and 2nd class pass users

To make the most of the sea views you need to be sat on the left on departure from Genova – where the train will have reversed direction.

So when you board at Milano, hope that you’re reserved seat is on the right.

Train 2:
Depart: Ventimiglia at 13:25 - direction Grasse
Arrive: Nice Ville at 14:21

Sit on the left for the best of the sea views.

The subsequent train from Ventimiglia also arrives in Nice in time to make the connection on to Marseille.

Train 3:
Depart: Nice Ville at 15:12 or 15:23 by TER train
Arrive: Marseille St Charles at 18:01
The highlights of this scenic Eurail and InterRail itinerary include travelling through the Cote d'Azur
Sit on the left for the best of the sea views - you'll be looking over the beaches and marinas of the Cote D'Azur between Nice and Frejus and then the sea can also be seen after departure from Toulon.


Day 3:
Day Three of this rail pass itinerary includes the Cote Bleu route west of Marseille
Train 1:
Depart: Marseille St Charles at 13:06
Arrive: Mirimas at 14:38


This train takes the spectacular Cote Blue route west of Marseille, sit on the left when boarding to make the most of the views.

Train 2:
Mirimas at 15:44
Arrive: Avignon Centre at 16:18 - the train wiill be heading to Lyon*

Mirimas isn’t the most comfortable of stations in which to spend more than an hour waiting for a train, so an option is to leave the station to find a café on the town’s main street.
Turn left when you exit the station and then cross the tracks.

*Stay on this train to Lyon and spend the night there if you're happy to skip the Day 4 itinerary so that you can spend more time in Switzerland.

Train 3:
Depart: Avignon Centre at 16:37 - the train wiill be heading to Cerbere
Arrive: Nimes at 17:08

Train 3:
Depart: Avignon Centre at 17:37 -the train wiill be heading to Perpignan
Arrive: Nimes at 18:09


Day 4:

Nimes at 08:11 (not between Apr 8th and June 14th)
Arrive: Clermont Ferrand at 13:10
Make the most of a Eurail or InterRail Pass by following our scenic itinerary

Views from railway bridges/viaducts don't get more spectacular than that from the Le viaduc de Chamborigaud.

Sit on the left of the train and look out when the train departs from Chambirogaud station, around 1hr 5mins into the journey.

The viaduct isn't the only spectacular sight on this journey, for more than 30 mins after Villefort the train takes a spectacular passage through a series of deep river valleys - the Gorges De L'Allier - the best of these views are also on the left.

The railway then follows the rivers for more than an hour to Langeac - and on this part of the jouney there are great views from both sides of the train.
The train journey from Nimes to Clermont is one of the most beautiful in France

Train 2:
Clermont Ferrand at 13:54
Arrive: Lyon Part-Dieu at 16:17


Day 5:


Train 1:
Depart: Lyon Part-Dieu at 10:38 - the train will be heading to Geneva
Arrive: Bellegarde at 11:58

Train 2:
Depart: Bellegarde at 12:09
Arrive: St Gervais-Les-Bains at 13:56

Depart: Lyon Part-Dieu at 10:38
Arrive: St Gervais-Les-Bains at 13:56

Train 2 or 3:
Depart: St Gervais-Les-Bains at 14:05
Arrive: Vallorcine at 15:31


InterRail pass users need to pay 50% of the price of train tickets between Vallorcine and Martigny - you'll need to buy the discounted tickets at Vallorcine station.

Train 3 or 4:
Depart: Vallorcine at 15:44
Arrive: Martigny at 16:36
Fabulous daily views are guaranteed if you follow this rail itinerary
Between St Gervais and Martigny, you will be following the ‘Mont Blanc Express' route.

There are good views from both sides of the train, between Vallorcine and Les Marécottes the best of the views are on the right, but the descent to Martigny, pictured above, can be best appreciated on the left.

Train 5 or 6:
Martigny at 16:49
Arrive: Montreux at 17:19


Day 6:

Montreux can be an expensive location to spend the night, so the towns between Martigny and Montreux could be worth considering.
If you do opt for this, you'll have to add straightforward morning journey to Montreux on to the start of this day's schedule.

Train 1:
Depart: Montreux at 09:44 (Golden Pass Panoramic)
Arrive: Zweisimmen at 11:33

Take a beautiful journey every day on this Eurail and InterRail itinerary
Train 2:
Depart: Depart: Zweisimmen at 11:39
Arrive: Interlaken Ost at 12:50

Sit on the left when boarding this train, the best views of the gorge south of Spiez can be seen from this side of the train.

The train will then reverse direction on departure from Spiez, so without leaving your seat, you'll then be on the right hand side and able to see some fabulous views over Lake Thun.
Looking over Lake Thun on our scenic rail pass itinerary
Train 3:
Depart: Depart: Interlaken Ost at 13:04
Arrive: Luzern at 14:55

Passing by four lakes on the Luzern-Interlaken Express
Train 4:
Depart: Luzern at 15:18
Arrive: Erstfeld at 16:23
The Lauerzersee can be seen from trains heading south from Arth-Goldau
There are views of Lake Zug on the left and then after departure from Arth-Goldau, the Lauerzersee, pictured above, can be seen on the right.

Train 5:
Depart: Erstfeld at 16:37
Arrive: Milano Centrale at 19:50

Sit on the left of of this train for the best of the views - highlights include the views over Wassen village as the train spirals up to the old Gotthard Tunnel.
Looking down on the village of Wassen on day 6 of our scenic rail pass itinerary
Another highlight of this journey comes when the train exits the The Gotthard Tunnel and descends down the mountain on another series of spirals - the train will travel over both sets of tracks pictured below.
Through the Gotthard Pass on this spectacular Eurail or InterRail itinerary
At face value, the connections between the trains on this day seem tightly timed, but you’ll be changing trains in Switzerland, so making the onward trains in time should be virtually guaranteed.

All of the connections at each station should be on the same level, so getting your bags from one train to another shouldn’t be too arduous either.

Also stock up on food/drink before you set off from Montreux, you won’t have time to pick up provisions on route.

Your efforts will be rewarded, this day should be a highlight of the trip.

If you’d rather split this Day Six routing into two days of travel, then an option is skip the day four routing via Nimes and instead stay on the TER train from Mirimas until it arrives in Lyon.

You can then use the day saved of your rail pass allocation to spend a day travelling from Luzern to Milano via Erstfeld.


Day 7:

If you do want to follow the routing suggested below, buy some food/drink before you set off from Milan.

Though an option is to push the itinerary back by two hours and depart from Milano Centrale at 10:20 OR spend a couple of hours in Chur between trains having a late lunch/dinner there.

If you take either of those options, you can follow the same routing, but you'll be depart from Chur at 17:12 and arriving in Innsbruck at 20:14.

Train 1:
Depart: Milano Centrale at 08:20
Arrive: Tiriano at 10:52
Day 7 of our scenic journey rail pass itinerary takes you by Lake Como

Train 2:
Depart: Tiriano at 11:00 (the train will be heading to St Moritz)
Arrive: Pontresina at 12:52
This suggested Eurail or InterRail Pass itinerary is packed with incredible views
Train 3:
Depart: Pontresina at 13:02 
Arrive: Samedan at 13:08

The connections at both Pontresina and Samdedan seem tightly timed, but it won't be a problem.

Making the transfer between trains at these stations usually involves simply crossing a platform/track from one train to another.

Train 4:
Depart: Samedan at 13:16
Arrive: Chur at 15:03

This Eurail and InterRail itinerary is packed with stunning views every day
Train 5:
Depart: Chur at 15:12 - the train will be heading to Zurich via St Gallen
Arrive: Buchs SG at 15:45

Train 6:
Depart: Buchs SG at 15:54 - the Railjet train will be heading to Wien
Arrive: Innsbruck Hbf at 18:11
Travellin gthrough the Arlberg Pass on day 7 of our scenic journeys itinerary
Sit on the right of this train for the best of the views as the train travels through the beautiful Arlberg Pass.

All of the connections on this day are straightforward - and as you can see from the images above it's worth the effort!


Day 8:
Innsbruck Hbf at 09:24 on Sat/Sun or 13:24 daily
Arrive: Venezia S.Lucia at 13:56 or 18:10 

Reservation fees: 1st class = €15; 2nd class = €10

The best option for purchasing the reservations for this train is to book them at the Reisezentrum travel desk when you arrive in Innsbruck the previous evening.


Day 9:

By this stage of the trip, train journey fatigue may be setting in, so if that is that case you can take a Frecce train direct from Venezia to Roma.

Though if you do opt for this, whether you have a 1st or 2nd class pass, you will need to pay a €10 reservation fee prior to boarding - more info is available here.

Train 1:
Depart: Venezia S.Lucia at 08:42
Arrive: Bologna Centrale at 10:45
Departing from Venice on day 9 of our scenic journeys itinerary

Train 2:
Bologna Centrale at 11:32
Arrive: Ancona at 14:49
See the best of Italy on this stunning scenic rail pass itineray
Sit on the left for the sea views, which come after Rimini.

This train may be double-decked and if that is the case, it’s worth making the effort to heave your luggage up to the top deck.

Train 3:
Ancona at 15:30
Arrive: Roma Termini at 19:20

By Intercity train; reservation fee = €3 for  1st and 2nd class - more info is available here.


Day 10:

If train journey fatigue has set it in, you can take a Frecce train direct from Roma to Milano.

Though if you do opt for this, whether you have a 1st or 2nd class pass, you will need to pay a €10 reservation fee prior to boarding - more info is available here.

Train 1:
Depart: Roma Termini at 09:57  - the train should be heading to Torino Porta Nuova
Arrive: Genova Piazza Principe at 15:36
Our suggested rail pass itinerary includes 10 days of beautiful train journeys

By Intercity train; reservation fee = €3 1st and 2nd class - more info is available here.

The train will race through the Cinque Terre, but the best of the views can be seen between Sestri Levant and Genova.

You’ll have to cross your fingers and hope your reserved seats are on the left hand side - as between La Spezia and Genova there are some of the best coastal views which can be seen from any European express train.

If they’re not then after departure from La Spezia, seek out somewhere from where you can see the sea views.

Train 2:
Depart: Genova Piazza Principe at 16:19
Arrive: Milano Centrale at 17:50

By Intercity train; reservation fee = €3 for 1st and 2nd class pass users.



Not including the optional suggested journey on the MG Railway

InterRail 1st Class Adult = €571
InterRail 2nd Class Adult = €433

InterRail 1st Class Youth = €448
InterRail 2nd Class Youth = €340


Eurail 1st Class Adult = €558
Eurail 2nd Class Adult = €426

Eurail 1st Class Youth = €436
Eurail 2nd Class Youth = €329


APPROXIMATE* cost comparison with purchasing tickets:

Cheapest 1st class tickets = €916
Cheapest 2nd class tickets = €606

1st class tickets when booked a few days ahead of the travel date = €1086
2nd class tickets when booked a few days ahead of the travel date = €823

The costs estimates based on one Adult aged 18+ travelling solo.

*We looked through 100s of departure times/dates to assess these costs and used the most 'typical' prices we could find.

However, the prices of train tickets can fluctuate, so these cost estimates do not take into sporadic promotions and other offers - nor do they include exponentially high prices at holiday times etc.

However, note that you can make a big saving on this itinerary if you use a Eurail or InterRail Pass, plus using a pass makes those tightly timed connections in Switzerland possible.

You'll still save with a pass if you do opt to take those Frecce trains in Italy


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Some Additional Tips to Help You Have a Great Trip:

This  EXTRA INFO can help you:

(1) Save money when booking overnight accommodation.

(2) Know 'the rules'

(3) Have more comfortable journeys.

(4) Avoid last minute panics at the station etc etc.


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