True Koln to Klagenfurt

Koln to Klagenfurt

The European Rail Timetable includes a page of what its fabulous compilers consider to be Europe's most scenic railway routes.

This list had a huge role in terms of inspiring the creation of ShowMeTheJourney and our founder, Simon, has now travelled on 90% of its suggestions.

Exceptionally scenic routes, the best of the best, are singled out in the timetable and this epic journey includes two of these - the journeys by train between Bonn and Mainz and that between Salzbug and Villach

Therefore we had to include it on our Most Epic Journeys By Direct Train round up

These highlights of this wonderful journey are towards either end of the trip.

The first of them begins shortly before Bonn when the railway line begins to run beside the River Rhine for its stunning passage through the stunning Middle Rhine Valley.

The train will very briefly head north on departure from Köln Hbf, but will then turn to the south, so when boarding sit on the left for the best of the views between Köln and Mainz.

These three views below were captured between Koblenz and Mainz and we've included them to give an idea of what you can expect to see - and also to show that even in relatively poor visibility, that this is a journey worth taking!

Through the Rhine Valley by train
Chasing the river cruise boats down the Rhine Valley by train

The stunning train journey between Koblenz and Bingen

It's worth making the journey in poor weather as the views don't stretch off into the distance - as long as you can see the opposite bank of the river valley, you'll have a journey to remember!

A fascinating aspect of the journey is the panorama of the vessels that you will see on the river, including numerous river cruise boats. If you have seen a TV ad for one of these and thought, 'doesn't that look beautiful', well you can see many of those views from this train!

What makes the journey so magical are the many schloss/castles that are scattered along both banks of the river and give this part of the journey a fairytale quality.
You can just about see an example in the image above - just to the left of the valley in this view.

Between Mainz and Stuttgart, the highlight will be the crossing of the River Rhine, particularly if the train uses the bridge nearest to Mainz.

On departure from Stuttgart, the train will reverse direction and between there and Ulm the best of the views are on the right.

The citizens of Geislingen are no doubt grateful for the barriers that have been erected to shield them from the noise from the railway line, but they diminish the views over the town, which had been a highlight of the journey.

Try to stay awake for the less interesting section of the journey between Augsburg and Rosenheim as there is more fabulousness to come - the train will again reverse direction on departure from Munchen Hbf.

On departure from Salzburg, the train will travel parallel to the River Salzach - and there are some great river valley views on the right of the train, particularly after the first tunnel that the train will pass through.

Between Bischofshofen and Schwarzach St Veit, the river is on the left. Unfortunately when we travelled this way, it was pouring with rain, hence the lack of images.

The train will begin to ascend on departure from Schwarzach St Veit - the railway line to Zell am Zee can be seen on the right.

After Bad Hofgastein the train will ascend up the valley to Bad Gastein - the best of the views here are on the left
From Salzburg to Zagreb by train
On departure from Bad Gastein, the railway line threads through a valley on route to the Tauern Railway Tunnel and the best of the views here are back over to the right. Look out for the waterfalls.
To Zagreb by train from Salzburg
The second highlight of the journey comes when the train exits the tunnel and begins to descend to Villach. For around 25 mins there are stunning birds-eye views across the valley - from the right.

These three images below were all captured on this part of the journey.

From Austria to Croatia by train

On the train from Austria to Croatia

The journey then ends with a flourish with lakeside views between Villach and Klagenfurt, which are also on the right.

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