Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is operated by the Rhätische Bahn/ Rhaetian Railway (RhB)

What makes the train unique is that is the only direct train that runs over both the Albula AND Bernina Railways  - the only railways in Switzerland that are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

So The Glacier Express does not operate over The Bernina Railway between St Moritz and Tirano, but The Bernina Express DOES - and arguably this Bernina line is more spectacular than any part of the Glacier Express Route.

Five Things Also Worth Knowing About The Bernina Express:

(1) Like the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express uses special panoramic coaches with extra large windows.

Though the newer RhB regular trains between St Moritz and Tirano also have large windows, bigger than on the older regular trains.

(2) There are direct Bernina Express trains in both directions between Chur and Tirano year round -  in the summer season there are ALSO direct trains between Tirano and both Davos and St Moritz.

(3) The Bernina Express trains between Chur and Tirano don’t call at Davos or St Moritz.

However, easy connections to/from Davos are available at Filisur and simple connections are possible at Pontresina for winter journeys to/from St Moritz.

(4) You don’t have to take the Bernina Express to travel by train in either direction between Chur and Tirano.

Regular RhB trains operate on all parts of the route, but to make the Chur to Tirano journey, changes of train have to be made in both Samedan AND Pontresina -  but the connections couldn’t more straight forward.

(5) If you have a valid Eurail, InterRail or Swiss Travel Pass you can travel on The Bernina Express if you pay a supplementary charge.

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