The entrance hall at Klagenfurt Hbf showing the access to gleis 2 - 5

Klagenfurt Hbf (Klagenfurt)


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The main departure board at Klagenfurt Hbf, note the use of the zones and gleis/track numbers The main departure board at Klagenfurt Hbf, note the use of the zones and gleis/track numbers
The main street entrance to Klagenfurt Hbf The main street entrance to Klagenfurt Hbf
A view of gleis/track 1 at Klagenfurt Hbf, looking towards gleis 2 and 3 A view of gleis/track 1 at Klagenfurt Hbf, looking towards gleis 2 and 3

The main station in Klagenfurt is wonderfully easy to use, despite not being a terminus station.

Klagenfurt Hbf has just six gleis (platforms/tracks).
Gleis 1 and 21* are on the same level as the street-level entrance hall.
*No idea why it has been numbered 21.

Gleis (platforms/tracks) 2 - 5 are connected to the departure hall by a bridge over the railway lines.
It is equipped with escalators and lifts/elevators, both to and from the gleis (platforms/tracks) which the trains use and the main hall at the station.
So access to and from the trains is step-free.

Something to watch out for is that the gleis (platforms/tracks) 1 -5 Klagenfurt's central station are divided into five zones, B - E.
Most departures only use the specific zones on each gleis (platform/track) - but the zones the trains will be departing from are clearly shown,on the main departure screen in the entrance hall.

To the city centre:

Klagenfurt Hbf is located some distance to the south of the city centre - the heart of the historic old town area of the city is a 15 - 25 min walk away,
Klagenfurt has no tram or metro, so if you don't want to take a taxi, the only public transport option is to take the bus.
Bus lines 40, 41, 42, 43, 80 and 81 link Klagenfurt with the Heilegengeist-Platz bus stop, which is closest to the old town.

To the Worthersee lake cruises:

Scheduled and tourist cruise boats on the Worthersee are operated by Ahoi Worthersee Schifffahrt.
Its pier in Klagenfurt is at the opposite end of the city to Klagenfurt Hbf.

The only public transport access to this pier in Klagenfurt is to take a bus to the Heilegengeist-Platz central bus stop and transfer there to bus route/line 92 - direction 'Leinsdorf;.
Take bus line 92 to the 'Hotel Worthersee' stop.

OR take a train from Klagenfurt to Krumpendorf staion.
You shouldn't have to wait more than 45 mins for a train to Krumpendorf and MOST of the boat services also call at the pier in Krumpendorf, which is less than a 5 min walk from this station.


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