Travelling by train in Czechia

General information

This guide to taking trains within and to/from The Czech Republic will tell you the less obvious things that are worth knowing about the tickets, the trains and the stations.


Exploring Czechia/The Czech Republic by rail is highly recommended as all of the country's most beautiful towns and cities are connected by train.

If you would like help with planning a train journey within or to/from The Czech Republic, or want to add some Czech destinations to a European train travel itinerary, take a look at ShowMeTheJourney's new Concierge Service.

Czechia has no high speed lines, but many of the trains are smart and comfortable, the trains used on RJ and SC services have a wow factor and many of the other express trains used for EC and IC services have been refurbished.
New trains are also gradually being introduced on the Regional services and routes.

Compared to Western Europe, the train tickets are generally great value for money - so hop on board, particularly as more often than not, you won't be spending more than the equivalent of an extra €5 if  you book last minute at the station.
A last minute ticket booked at the station for a 3hr journey on a very smart Railjet train can cost the equivalent of only €15!


Train Service Changes in response to Covid 19

CD is the Czech national rail operator and its Covid 19 on board information page for travellers is available here.

The provision to take bikes on any train service is still suspended and only take away food is available from on-board restaurant cars.

Domestic Train service changes:

Most express trains services within The Czech Republic had resumed, but all of the domestic express train (IC and SC) services, are now operating to a reduced timetable, as shown on this updated map.

The only Super City service still operating on the main Praha/Prague <> Ostrava route is the daily train which travels beyond Ostrava to and from Kosice in Slovakia.



Tickets for suspended international journeys purchased on the CD booking website/e-shop or on the My Train website can be cancelled at no charge even if the type of ticket is not normally refundable.

Refunds can be claimed on this page of the CD website, but tickets booked online cannot be refunded at station ticket counters - while for tickets booked at stations, the reverse applies, they can only be refunded at stations.


International services:

All international daytime services had resumed, but some services have now once again been temporarily withdrawn,
These include:
- The 'Ex' service between Praha and Kosice, leaving the daily SC 'SuperCity' service as the only daytime train still available on this route.
- Two of the 7 daily EC trains on the Praha <> Berlin route have been paused.
- The daily Railjet service on the Praha <> Bratislava route, which was only added to the existing service of EC trains a few months ago, is now being turned round at Breclav.

The overnight trains from on the Praha/Prague to Kosice routes have resumed, but the Praha to Zurich service via Linz has now been suspended.
The Praha/Prague <> Budapest overnight service has also resumed, but on this route no sleeping cabins or couchettes are available.


17 Things Worth Knowing Re: Train Travel In And From/To The Czech Republic:

The national rail operator in Czechia/The Czech Republic is České dráhy (CD).

(2) The three main rail routes in Czechia are:

(i) Praha - Pardubice - Olomouc - Ostrava
(ii) Praha - Pardubice - Brno
(iii) Praha - Plzen

and CD operates trains which depart at least once an hour on these routes, but on other long-distance routes, trains every other hour can be the norm.

So it's worth looking up the departure times on the CD website before heading to the station, even if you will be buying tickets at the station.

(3) On some long distance routes to/from Prague/Praha (including the  Praha – Kosice, Praha - Ostrava and Praha - Brno routes) other private train operators compete with CD trains.

The main competitors to CD are Regiojet and Leo Express.

So it can be possible to save money and time by comparing the prices and times of all the trains on these routes.

The best method of comparing the cheapest prices AND assessing all the ticket options, is to look up the journeys on the respective websites of each of the train service operators.

(4) Other operators and not CD operate some of the local train routes in Czechia, including these routes popular with tourists:
Ceske Budejovice <> Ceske Krumlov
Plzen <> Most
Cheb <> Frantiskovy Lazne.

(5) Eurail and InterRail passes can be used for journeys in Czechia on trains operated by CD - and now ALSO on the Leo Express and RegioJet trains.

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The trains:

(6) Express trains operated by CD include:

(i) Supercity SC tilting trains (of the Pendolino class of trains)

(ii) Railjet trains, used on the Praha – Pardubice -  Brno – Breclav route (these trains continue beyond Breclav to/from Wien and Graz in Austria)

(iii) IC trains - now modernised and particularly comfortable (also used for some of the international EC train services from/to The Czech Republic).

A few IC services, on routes they share with the international EC trains, also convey restaurant cars, which have an excellent reputation, for reasonably priced, quality meals.

Those tilting 'Pendolino' trains are also used for IC services in the Praha - Plzen route.

(iv) Ex trains - the coaches which have yet to be refurbished tend to be used on these services.

(7) International EC trains, most of which are operated by České dráhy (CD), can travel long distances within Czechia/The Czech Republic.

And on these journeys from Praha to Decin, Brno and Ostrava, the ticketing terms are the same as on the IC services.

CD tends to use its updated coaches for these trains, but the big plus of travelling by the EC trains is that they convey restaurant cars.

(8) The trains which stop at all stations on a route are the 'Os' services.

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(9) Reservations are compulsory on the SuperCity (SC) trains, but are optional on all other long distance trains operated by CD within Czechia - and on the EC trains for journeys within Czechia.

(10) Reservations are also compulsory when travelling to Poland by EC train, but not on the EC trains to Germany and Hungary and Slovakia - or on the Railjet (RJ) services to Austria.

Though they are recommended on the EC trains between The Czech Republic and Germany.

(11) When making train journeys in Czechia/The Czech Republic, limited numbers of advance 'Special Offer' discounted tickets are only available on these routes:

(i) Prague ↔ Olomouc
(ii) Prague
 Ostrava region / Zlín region
(iii) Prague
(iv) Prague
Hradec Králové
(v) Prague Plzeň
(vi) Prague České Budějovice
(vii) Brno Olomouc
(viii) Brno Prostějov
(ix) Brno Uherské Hradiště
(x) Brno Zlín

Though as tickets for Czech rail journeys are comparatively inexpensive, you will USUALLY only save the equivalent of less than €5 by booking these 'Special Offer tickets'.

(12) CD's generally excellent ticket booking website has now been fully translated into English.

(13) Though journeys by the slower 'Os' services aren't sold on the CD website.

(14)  Even though you will only typically be saving at most the equivalent of only €5,  by booking tickets for Czech journeys on trains operated by CD online -  buying tickets on the website can be simpler than trying to book in person with a ticket clerk, who may not speak English.

More info about Czech train tickets is available by clicking on the green 'Tickets & Passes' button below.

(15) The CD website also sells tickets for direct international trains from/to The Czech Republic (and some journeys which require a change of train) and it tends to offer competitive prices for these journeys.

Child tickets:

(16) On CD's trains within Czechia children aged 5 and under travel for free and Children aged 6 – 15 travel at half-fare.

Bike tickets:

(17) Tickets are required if you want take a standard (non-folding) bicycle on to a train.
ShowMeTheJourney's guide to booking these tickets is available here.

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