Travelling by train in Czech Republic

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Exploring The Czech Republic is highly recommended as all of the country's most beautiful towns and cities are connected by train.

Those trains and the stations they call aren't particularly new and exciting, but instead of ordering typically cramped new trains, a sensible decision has been made to update the comparatively comfortable older trains.

And many of the trains on the longer routes are international express trains crossing the country.

Journeys by train are also comparatively cheap compared to Western Europe - so hop on board.

12 Things Worth Knowing Re: Train Travel In And From/To The Czech Republic:

The national rail operator in The Czech Republic is Ceske Drahy (CD).

(2) Express trains operated by CD include:

(i) Supercity tilting trains (of the Pendolino class of trains)

(ii) Railjet trains, used on the Praha – Brno – Breclav – Wien/Vienna – Graz route

(iii) IC trains now modernised and particularly comfortable (also used for some of the international EC train services from/to The Czech Republic)

These trains, which are also used for 'Ex' services convey restaurant cars, which have an excellent reputation, for reasonably priced, quality meals.

(3) Reservations are compulsory on the SuperCity (SC) trains, but are optional on other long distance trains operated by CD within The Czech Republic.

(4) Reservations are also compulsory when travelling to Poland by EC train, but not on the EC trains to Germany and Hungary.

Though they are recommended on the EC trains between The Czech Republic and Germany.

(5) CD's ticket booking website has now been fully translated into English and tickets can be sent via email.

Which is useful, as it’s possible to save money by booking in
advance for express (IC and Railjet) trains operated by CD.

(6) Though as tickets for Czech rail journeys are comparatively inexpensive, you will usually only save the equivalent of less than €5 by booking long distance, domestic express train journeys in advance online.

The advance discount (when available) tends to be around 20% of the full ticket price.

(7) Tickets for journeys by non express trains aren't discounted.

(8) The CD website also sells tickets for direct international trains from/to The Czech Republic and it tends to offer the cheapest prices for these journeys.

(9) On CD's trains Children aged 5 and under travel for free and Children aged 6 – 15 travel at half-fare.

(10) On some long distance routes to/from Prague/Praha (including the  Praha – Kosice, Praha - Ostrava and Praha - Brno routes) other private train operators compete with CD trains.

The main competiors to CD are Regiojet and Leo Express.

So it can be possible to save money and time by comparing the prices and times of all the trains on these routes.

(11) Eurail and InterRail passes can be used for journeys in the Czech Republic on trains operated by CD and now ALSO on Regiojet trains.

(12) Tickets are required if you want take a bike on a train.

On local/regional trains, you don't need to buy a ticket in advance, you can pay the conductor on board the train - but you will save 15CZK if you buy tickets at the station.

On express (IC, SC, RJ, EC) trains you need to reserve a space for your bike prior to boarding  - the reservation price depends on the weight of the bike and how far you will be travelling.
The maximum fee is 250CZK (around €9 -10).


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