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Koblenz, (Germany)

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About the station

Koblenz Hbf is located to the south of the town centre.

In contrast Koblenz Stadtmitte station lives up to its name, with a location right by the town's main shopping area.

However, only the local and Regio trains call at Koblenz Stadtmitte.

Departing by Train:

At Koblenz Hbf, the gleis (platforms/tracks) are above ground/street level.

Therefore two passage ways, which run under the tracks, give access to the trains from the street entrance.

When you enter from the street into the main departure hall at the station, the main passage way which leads to the trains, will be in front of you, on the left side.

This passage has escalators and stairs up to the gleis (platforms/tracks), which the trains depart from.

Each gleis (platform/track) also has lift access, but the lifts are housed in the less obvious passage way, over to the right of the main entrance hall.

Arriving by Train:

The exits from the gleis (platform/track) which the express trains use, is towards the middle.

All of the gleis (platforms/tracks) have escalators, lifts/elevators and stairs which lead down to passage ways, which connect to the street level exits.
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