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About the station

The two dominant features of Düsseldorf Hbf, the city's main train station are:
(1) its huge entrance hall, and
(2) the wide passage way that leads from the entrance hall to the gleis/platforms/tracks that the trains depart from.

If you use the main entrance to Düsseldorf Hbf on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz, this main passage way will be directly ahead of you under the main departure board, or if you arrive by U-Bhan you will ascend* into this main passage way.

*There are also multiple sets of escalators and lifts that connect the U-Bahn station, which is located directly beneath Düsseldorf Hbf, to this central passage way in the station.

There are flights of stairs and escalators that connect the central passage way to the gleis/platforms/tracks.
You don’t have to use the stairs when departing or arriving by train.

If you have entered the passage way from the main passage way, the escalators leading up to the gleis/platforms will be on the right.

When arriving by train, you don’t have to follow the crowds that you will be using the stairs, you may have to walk passed the stairs to access the escalators.

There are also lifts on each gleis/platform at Düsseldorf Hbf that give access to/from the trains, but these lifts don’t connect the gleis/platforms to the main passage way.

If you need to use the lifts to access your train, then you will find them in a secondary passage way, parallel to the main passage way, so the lifts are out of sight from the main passage way.
There is a connecting passage way in the middle of the station that gives access to the secondary passage way that houses the lifts (and left luggage lockers)

When arriving by train, if you want/need to use the lift to descend from the gleis/platform into the station, you may need to walk passed the stairs/escalators to find it.

Connecting into the Nightjet trains:

There are no longer any overnight trains from The Netherlands, what was the Amsterdam – Munchen/Wien overnight train is now a Dusseldorf - Munchen/InnsbruckWien overnight train.

However, the ‘connecting’ ICE train from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem arrives in Dusseldorf Hbf only 8 mins before the departure of the OBB Nightjet train to Munchen/Munich and Wien/Vienna.
So making this connection is a gamble, the ICE train from Amsterdam can run late.

If you virtually guarantee the connection by taking the preceding train from Amsterdam etc, you’ll be waiting for more than two hours in Düsseldorf Hbf.

We’re fans of Düsseldorf Hbf, the renovation work to brighten the station gets the thumbs up, but it’s not the most scintillating of environments in which to spend more than two hours waiting for a train – but there is an alternative.

The ICE train from Amsterdam etc carries on to Koln/Cologne Hbf and the OBB Nightjet train will also call at Koln Hbf after it departs from Dusseldorf.
So an option is to spend the two hours waiting for the night train on to Munchen, Innsbruck or Wien in or around Koln Hbf.

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