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About the station

At Rotterdam’s magnificent, relatively new Central train station, the platforms/sporen/tracks that trains depart from/arrive are at an upper level.
A passage way leads from the main concourse beneath the platforms/sporen -  which can be accessed by lifts (elevators) and escalators.

The long platforms (sporen) at Rotterdam Centraal station are DIVIDED  into different sections numbered 8a, 8b etc and trains usually depart from these specific sections of the platform/spoor.
Therefore check that you are waiting, on the right part of the platform/spoor for your train, using the nearest departure indicators on the platform as a guide
Each specific part of a platform/spoor, 8a, 8b etc will have its own indicator for the next train to depart from this part of a platform.

Rotterdam's central station does not have a main large electronic departure board.
Instead departures are listed solely on the smaller TV screens that will be located around the station.
However, most of the time only trains departing within the next 10-15 minutes will be shown.

These information screens (and those on the platforms), only show the terminating station and the principle stations that the train will be calling at (‘via Delft, Leiden’ etc)
To find info about subsequent departures use the paper departure sheets, though each train route from Rotterdam Centraal has a dedicated sheet.
So you may need to look through multiple departure sheets to find your destination.

The 1st class lounge is only available if you are travelling with a 1st class international ticket valid on the Eurostar or Thalys trains.

1st Class Lounge
Bus Station
Car Hire
Information Desk
Left Luggage
Step Free
Taxi Rank
Terminus Station

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