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PKP is the Polish national rail operator and its ticket booking now sells tickets for a wide range of train journeys by express train.
Until recently only journeys by EIP train could be booked online.

Which is useful as there are big savings to be made if you book in advance.

You can book from anywhere, tickets will be sent via email and have to be printed off to be valid.

PKP recommends saving the ticket doc to your hard drive when it is initially sent to you and then printing shortly before travelling.
So don’t forget to print and to take the ticket with you!

Info Summary For Booking Tickets Online With PKP:  (More info here)

(1)  Tickets become available 1 month ahead of the travel date

(2) ‘Super Promo tickets offer the best deals (save more than 60%) and they can sell out more than a week ahead of the travel date

(3)  The Polish train services that can be booked online are Express Intercity Premium (EIP), Express Intercity (EIC), Intercity (IC) and Twoje Linie Kolejowe (TLK) services.

(4) The only international trains that can be booked (from outside Poland) are those on the Warsaw – Berlin and Gdynia – Berlin routes (for travel from Poland to Germany or there and back)

(5) Therefore PKP does NOT sell tickets online for trains between Poland and Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Russia or Ukraine (try Voyages SNCF and Loco 2).

But discounted tickets are NOT usually available for these journeys - so you will pay the same price if you book at a ticket office in Poland.

(6) The reservations that are compulsory on EIP, EIC, IC and TLK trains are included with the booking – you will be prompted to give your seat preference

(7) You don’t have to register to purchase, you can make a ‘guest booking’

Don’t be put off by the fact that the credit card used to illustrate the path for credit/debit card bookings won’t be familiar, you’ll be prompted to select Visa etc on another screen.

(8)  A quirk of the system, is that before proceeding to payment, you will asked to ‘correct’ or ‘confirm’ – ‘correct’ doesn’t mean that you have made a mistake and NEED to change information, it’s a prompt to check the info before committing to purchase.

If you do want to amend then ‘Correct’ allows you to edit the booking.

(9) Bikes can be taken on any PKP  train including the EIC, EIP and TLK trains  but a bike ticket is required for any train journey and are sold at a flat rate of PLN 9.10.

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