Czech Republic Tickets & Rail Passes

Our guide to Czech train tickets, and how to buy them online, covers the basics of what you can expect to encounter when making bookings.

What we have set out to provide is some context for the tickets and journey options you SHOULD encounter when making a booking either online or at the station.

We have striven to ensure that the advice we present is as accurate as possible, but a guide such as this cannot cover every combination of journey options.

Introducing CD:

CD (České dráhy) is the national rail operator in Czechia/The Czech Republic and it recently launched a highly impressive, revamped ticket booking site 

České dráhy operates trains on all the main routes, but it does not have a monopoly on rail services in The Czech Republic.

Other operators (Leo Express and Regiojet - see links below) also operate train services, particularly on the Prag/Praha – Olomouc – Ostrava routes and CD unsurprisingly does not sell tickets online for these other trains.

If you want to compare the price of a CD train with a Regiojet etc, you have to check each operator's website.

12 Things Worth knowing when booking with CD:

1: Prices are displayed in Czech crowns/korunas only

2: Place names are in the Czech language so Prague = Praha etc

3: Limited numbers of advanced discounted advance tickets are placed on sale for travel on express trains only - and not local or regional trains.

Tickets for express train journeys within Czechia/The Czech Republic will be available 6 weeks ahead, but for domestic journeys by international trains this can incease to 3 months ahead.

Though there’s no need to be overly concerned about obtaining the cheapest possible price for journeys within the Czech Republic
Czech trains are comparatively cheap so the biggest discount ticket savings generally equate to no more than €5 -10.

4: On CD trains children aged 5 and under travel for free and Children aged 6 – 14 travel at half-fare.

On international tickets this applies to portion of the journey in the Czech Republic – plus whatever terms and conditions apply in the other countries that the journey includes.

So, for example when travelling to Germany, the 50% rate applies on journeys as far as the border, but there will be no charge for the rest of the journey.

So the child discount varies according to the route.

On international routes the discounted child rate only applies if the child aged 6 - 14 is travelling with an adult.

5: It is definitely worth making the effort to check prices for direct international trains both from and to The Czech Republic.

CD tends to be cheaper when travelling FROM The Czech Repoublic and can also be cheaper than DB Bahn on trains FROM Germany (Munich, Berlin and Dresden) TO Praha/Prag.

6: Tickets sold by cd have to be printed and the print out taken with you on to the train, tickets will be sent to you by email.

7:  Taking direct trains (when available) tends to be cheaper than changing trains.


(9) SuperCity (SC) trains have to be reserved, but as cd clearly states, the prices for SC trains includes this reservation fee, which partially explains why SC trains are more expensive than other trains – they’re faster, but the time difference compared to other trains can be marginal.

(10) Seat reservations are optional for journeys within The Czech Republic by IC, EC* and RJ (Railjet) trains

(11) Something to be aware of is that reservations are compulsory in Poland when travelling on EC trains, but when booking cross border to journeys on CD it can seem that these reservations (for journeys to Katowice and Warsaw etc) are optional – they’re not.
Make sure you have reserved to avoid a fine when your ticket(s) are inspected in Poland.

(12) *EC trains can travel long distances within The Czech Republic and comprise some of the express train services on certain routes including between Ostrava and Praha/Breclav.

Within the Czech Republic terms and conditions, prices and journey times equate to those of Czech IC trains.
As a result EC trains don’t have to be reserved for journeys within The Czech Republic.

(13) Rail pass users cam purchase reservations online, look up a journey on CD as though you were buying a ticket and select 'I want a reservation only'.

Rail pass users have to reserve on SuperCity (SC) trains and on EC trains to Poland.

Making a rail pass reservation is also particularly recommended if you will be travelling with a 2nd class pass on the EC trains from Praha/Prague to Germany.

Bike Tickets:

Tickets are required if you take bike on a train.

On local/regional trains, you don't need to buy a ticket in advance, you can pay the conductor on board the train - but you will save 15CZK if you buy tickets at the station.

On express (IC, SC, RJ, EC) trains you need to reserve a space for your bike prior to boarding - the reservation price depends on the weight of the bike and how far you will be travelling.
The maximum fee is 250CZK (around €9 -10).

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