By Train from Paris (France) to Madrid (Spain)

Journey Summary

Depart Paris (France)

Paris Gare de Lyon/Paris Lyon

Arrive Madrid (Spain)

Madrid Atocha/Puerta De Atocha
Journey Time
9hr 38 - 9hr 55min
2 - 4* x connections per day

*The nornal schedule is 2 x connections per day, but additional options are available in the summer months.

Change trains in: Barcelona

When you initially look up this journey the connecting time between trains in Barcelona will be around 25mins..

Though as we recommend being at Barcelona station a minimum of 15 mins before boarding a train to Madrid, because of the need to pass through security checks - the train from Paris won't have to be heavilly delayed, for the connection to be a race against the clock.

As making the connection isn't guaranteed, the train on to Madrid won't hang back if the train from Paris is running late, our recommendation is to extend the time in which to trains, when making a booking.

The 'Ticket Information' below explains how to do this

Train 1

  • Depart: Paris (France)
  • Arrive: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Journey time: 6hr 25min - 6hr 35min (approx)

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Train 2

  • Depart: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Arrive: Madrid (Spain)
  • Journey time: 2hr 45 min

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Ticket information

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