By Train from Zürich / Zurich (Switzerland) to Andermatt (for Gemsstock and Nätschen) (Switzerland)

Journey Summary

Depart Zürich / Zurich (Switzerland)

Zürich HB / Zurich main station

Arrive Andermatt (for Gemsstock and Nätschen) (Switzerland)

Journey Time
2hr - 2hr 12min
6 x connections per day

Change trains in: Erstfeld and Goschenen

Don't be put off by the number of changes of trains required, this is a straightforward journey.

Though this is a journey that has become a little more complicated, now that there are no longer any direct trains from Zurich to Goschenen - the nearest mainline station to Andermatt.

This combination of trains with two transfers in Erstfeld and Goschenen is available in even hours only between 10:09 and 20:09 when setting off from Zurich.

In other hours the end2end journey from Zurich to Andermatt is only possible if you also make an additional connection at Arth-Goldau.
Though if you do opt for that, the total journey time won't be any longer.

The connecting time between trains at both Ersfeld and Goschenen will be around only 5 minutes - but this is Switzerland so those connections are virtually guaranteed.

However, as the connecting between trains is so short, booking the entire end2end journey on SBB is recommended.
You particularly want to avoid booking the ticket for the MGB train on to Andermatt against the clock on arrival at Goschenen.

Train 1

  • Depart: Zürich / Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Bellinzona (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 3hr 13min

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Train 2

  • Depart: Erstfeld (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Göschenen (for Andermatt) (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 25 min

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Train 3

  • Depart: Göschenen (for Andermatt) (Switzerland)
  • Arrive: Andermatt (for Gemsstock and Nätschen) (Switzerland)
  • Journey time: 10 min

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Ticket information

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