IC Berlin/IC Berlijn (Germany <> Netherlands)

German Railways (DB) provides these trains which operate on the one route, in both directions, between Amsterdam and Berlin via Amersfoort, Osnabruck and Hannover.

Therefore in Germany they’re referred to as IC trains - they’re no different to many of the IC trains that operate on routes solely within Germany.

However, they’re very different to the Intercity (IC) trains operated by Dutch operator NS - so on the NS International ticket booking site they are labelled ‘IC Berlijn’ trains


Reservations are now included when booking 1st class tickets for journeys by these trains.

However, in 2nd class (and for rail pass users in 1st class and 2nd class) they're available, but optional.
They can be added when making a booking or purchased separately either online on DB or at the station - at a ticket desk or at a DB or NS ticket machine.

If you will be making the fairly long journey between The Netherlands and Germany reservations are highly recommended on these trains - particularly;

(a) If you won’t be travelling on the first/last trains of the day.
(b) Will be travelling on a Friday or Sunday year round
(c) Will be travelling on a weekend between May and September.

Rail pass users take note - taking this route is near the top of many rail pass users wish lists -  it connects two must see cities, it's a long journey so helps with making the pass worthwhile AND you don't have to reserve -  so nice and easy.

Hence paying between €4-6 to make a reservation (even though you don't HAVE to) often being a good idea.
Though if possible avoid booking a rail pass reservation fee at a Dutch station - as you will be charged a booking fee in ADDITION  to the reservation fee.


As they are no different to the majority of German (single deck) IC trains - on these trains between Germany and The Netherlands

The 1st class seats are in compartments
- The 2nd class seating is open plan
- Stowing large bags can be a tad awkward - on busy trains the conductor may insist that bags are placed in the overhead luggage racks
- There is no on board catering service – if you will be making the comparatively long journey between Germany and The Netherlands, take food./drink on board with you.

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