Intercity 2 (Germany)

If you will be taking a journey by German Intercity (IC) trains our guide will tell you all you need to know, from boarding, to making the most of the journey experience.

There are now two types of German IC trains operating:

(1) older single deck trains - find out more HERE

(2) THESE brand new double deck Intercity 2 trains - also known as Twindexx trains
Other trains known as 'Kiss' trains are now operating Intercity 2 services on the Dresden <> Rostock via Berlin route.




Unlike the older single deck IC trains, all seating on these Intercity 2 (Twindexx) trains is in open plan saloons,

If you haven’t reserved, you have the freedom to choose between sitting on the upper or lower deck.

Upper deck = better views, but more cramped
Lower deck = easier access to the toilets and catering

There are luggage racks at the entrances to the upper and lower deck seating saloons.

The seating areas on this trains are divided into 'Phone' and 'Quiet' - no phone zones.
If you haven't reserved seats pay attention to the signs when boarding, you'll find them on the glass walls which separate the doors from the seating saloons.

A useful feature of these trains is the information panels in the seating saloons - they display a variety of info screens, including the departure details of connecting trains from the next station that the train will be calling at.



These Intercity 2 trains have no separate bistro car, if the train isn’t too busy, a catering trolley will be pushed through the lower deck seating saloons.

However, if you are travelling on the upper deck, or don’t want to wait for the trolley to appear, then you can go in search of the catering attendant.

Finding a reserved seat:

Whether a seat is reserved or not will be indicated by red text on an electronic display, next to the seat numbers, that are on the edge of the luggage racks.

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Reservations are now included when booking 1st class journeys by IC trains.

However, in 2nd class (and for rail pass users in 1st class and 2nd class) they're available - but optional.
1st class = €5.30
2nd class = €4

They can be added when making a booking or purchased separately either online or at the station - at a ticket desk or at a DB ticket machine.

If you have not reserved the availability of seats is NOT guaranteed - if need be walk through the train to find available seats.

Bike spaces must be reserved prior to boarding.

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These newer double deck (Twindexx) IC trains are replacing the older IC trains on certain routes only - for the time being.

On these routes it is likely that you will be travelling on an Intercity 2 train:

(i) Stuttgart - Horb - Singen - Konstanz

(ii) Leipzig – Halle – Magdeburg – Hannover – Hamm – Dortmund – Wuppertal – Cologne

(iii) Dresden – Leipzig – Halle – Magdeburg – Hannover – Bremen – Oldenburg

(iv) Dresden - Berlin - Rostock - Warnemunde (these trains are used on this route)

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